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My People
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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

amendment to this morning's post

I'm about to head out the door for church but I just had to come here to whine and complain... my son, who I sainted this morning for his dedication to his school work... skipped school again today... and just like last time, the school is not going to punish him since he never got on the bus... in that situation it is MY responsibility and I am held accountible and if he misses X number of days, then I have to go to court for ... whatever they call it... and trust me, he is dangerously close to that number... with our transition from Florida to Georgia and my time in the hospital... so my plan is to DRIVE his butt to school, walk him into the principal's office and say, "Here... he's your problem now".

*screaming* Like seriously... what did I do to deserve this?

Time to go to church and gain some perspective. *Hugs*


Anonymous said...

So sorry, Heather. Why is it that kids tend to jump off those pedestals once we put them up on them? What did he do today?

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Must be a reason he's skipping school. Maybe he needs some help getting his thoughts straight. I'd be marching him into to school too and more . 'On Ya'-ma

sober white women said...

Maybe that is what he needs. One time I followed Amber around school for a few day's. She stopped ditching and goofing off. I am such a mean mom! LOL