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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Saturday, November 22, 2008

feeling groovy

Ok. Maybe not groovy. I'm alright.

My post on Thursday was about being a little emotionally worn.

My post on Friday was about being physically worn down.

Today I'm good. I'm recharging my batteries.

I'm being very indulgent with myself and staying curled up in my nest.

We went out for breakfast with Devin...

Then I had to stop by the post office to put some things in the mail.

Then I had to take pictures of a home we're insuring.

Then we made a run to the Peanut Shack for boilded peanuts, peanut brittle and pralines.

Then we went to the specialty grocery store in Helen (they have the stuff I can't find in the little country grocery stores).

Then we took Devin home and I visited with his mom for a few minutes.

But then... we came home and I curled up in my nest with my newspaper and magazines and laptop.

Chatting with a few buddies on the phone and by email. Remembering who I am and finding my spiritual strength, even when my emotional and physical strength is a bit low.

I've got another sixteen hours to just completely chill and I plan to do so. We have leftovers for dinner. Austin has some school projects to work on. It's the perfect day to rest and recover.

A few words of wisdom I'd like to share - I found all of these in the notes left in my grandmother's bible. She passed away in 1998 and I was given one of her bibles. It was many years later when I found this little notepad with little tidbits of wisdom. I hope you enjoy them!

  • Your best friend is he who brings out the best that is within you.
  • Every human heart has an unseen battlefield where the good & the bad are fighting it out
  • Without the Holy Spirit, the Christian witness is powerless
  • Real goodness is a trait of character which only comes through the indwelling spirit
  • God never gives power to a person who will not use it
  • People are attracted to Christ by the lives of those who profess Him
  • The highest purpose of prayer is to turn our attention toward God, to get God into our minds & into our thinking
  • God is as near to you as the air you breathe, not way out yonder somewhere
  • Prayer is comign to God with open minds saying, "God reveal to me what you want me to do".
  • Many times God reveals His will to us one step at a time, as you take that step then you can see the next one.
  • We cannot prove God by argument but we can make our own lives an argument for God
  • When we lose hope, we lose God
  • I believe that Christ rose from the dead, this resurrection is my assurance that there is life for me beyond the grave. "Because I live, " he said, "ye shall also live".
  • I know someone will carry my body and bury it in the ground. There it will decay but because I know Christ, that will not be the end of me. I shall live after death.
  • A friend is one who comes in when the world goes out.
  • If asked to, God will soften harshness in people
  • Religion is both love for God and love for man. It involves the fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of man
  • If a man would not help his son or daughter when he or she was needed it & was in trouble, then he was not a worthy father
  • There have been many, many people in whose heart our Lord stilled the storm after some great sorrow or hurt or disappointment. He is still working His miracles.
  • I cannot forgive my sins. I cannot blot them out. My only hope is the mercy of God.
  • With God's help, we can face any temptation and overcome it.
  • Without God, we cannot. Without us, God will not. (Augustine)
  • It is important that we know what we believe
  • God is stronger than satan, goodness is stronger than evil, love is stronger than hate, righteousness is stronger than sin
  • Day by day we gather the harvest of yesterday and we are sowing for the harvest of the future
  • If you have a problem, plant a seed
  • a missionary is not necessarily one who crosses the sea, but one who sees the cross
  • Suffering accepted and used may prove to be the best fruit of your life.
  • God's grace does not always explain nor remove the thorn, but it is always sufficient to overcome
  • He who cannot let go cannot hang on.

He who cannot let go cannot hang on.


Barbara said...

I am glad you are getting some rest. Those are beautiful bits of wisdom from your Grandma's bible. What a treasure you have. Thanks for sharing them.

Beth said...

It sounds like your grandma was a very wise woman.

Glad to hear you're "recharging" today. And you've still got another day to go! By Monday you'll be a dynamo!


Nancy said...

I love all those sayings from your grandma. I needed to hear them! Thanks for sharing.
Nancy :-)

cw2smom said...

I bet your Grandma was an amazing woman! How nice that you have that family treasure! It's nice to hear that you are taking care of YOU! You deserve it! Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Blessings, Lisa

Big Mark 243 said...

You 'read' happy and in a good place. Good for you.

Gonna print up you Grandmother's wisdom. You can never read too many wise words, they always come mind when you need them.