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My People
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Saturday, November 1, 2008

my lazy Saturday

We headed out this morning for breakfast and a search for a Target. I have this Keurig k-cup coffee maker that takes these individual servings of coffee. I love it because I really only drink about half a cup of coffee a day and that saves a lot of waste and is soooo simple to make. The cups are a little pricey... about 50 to 75 cents each... but ultimately, they are SOOOO worth it to me. The problem is that the coffee is hard to find. You can order it online - but you have to generally order $50 or more to get free shipping. I can't really afford $50 worth of coffee right now. The only store I've found it in is Target... and here in the mountains... there are no Target stores. So Austin and I had a little breakfast at Ma Gooches Restaurant (I don't make this stuff up - it was a decent breakfast) and then went to Jill's Gifts and Collectibles (shout out to my friend Tami, Jill's daughter!) to get a birthday gift for grandma... and then we headed south to Gainesville to try to hunt down a Target. I had an *idea* of where it was... but I wasn't sure

Initially I couldn't find it. We decided to stop at the Family Christian store to get a birthday card (they have very nice cards with scripture on them) and a gift bag. I asked the cashier if there was a Target nearby and she gave me awesome directions, complete with landmarks... and we girls all know that landmarks make things MUCH easier to find! We found our Target...and had a nice shopping trip. Austin even wanted to linger and do a little retail therapy. I bought a cute outfit... on clearance for $17... and got our necessary supplies. We remembered almost everything - except lightbulbs - but I can get those up here in Hooterville.

Afterwards we indulged in Starbucks... it's been a long time. There is magic in those little white and green cups! I had a pumpkin spice latte (and thought of you, Jen!) and Austin had an iced caramel macchiato.

The drive down there was a bit stressful since I didn't know exactly where I was going but the drive back was beautiful. As we drove back north the mountains were on the horizon... with the changing leaves the view was just amazing! Traffic was slow getting back into town and the sun was warm... by the time we got home I was sleepy... and subsequently took a two hour nap while watching the Auburn - Ole Miss game.

Austin woke me up at 3pm asking for lunch... I made grilled cheese. I need to get groceries but that would involve things like putting on shoes and getting in the car. I just want to be lazy today. For dinner I think we'll have soup. Canned soup. From the bounty of the pantry. Or spaghetti... I always keep pasta and sauce in the pantry too. It makes a good meatless dinner. We had a huge breakfast... we can go light today... and the lunch for tomorrow will cost me what a week's groceries would... but it's a milestone birthday, we couldn't NOT go! We just might eat grilled cheese and ramen noodles for the next week or so! Peanut butter is also good. I've got to get better about taking my lunch to work. I'm spending too much money eating out.

I need to hang pictures on the wall. I started last night and the first two were crooked so I decided to hold off. I guess it doesn't matter if they're crooked. Austin doesn't care. I love my little mountain house, with or without pictures... but it would make it more homey to have pictures on the wall.
Child support came on the day it was due yesterday. I can't remember the last time that happened... if ever. I usually get it 4-5 days after I'm supposed to. It wasn't the right amount but it was close. I'll take it. It helps. I was not anticipating my entire monthly health insurance premium to be taken out of one paycheck - in the past the amount has been split between paychecks - so that gave me a little less to work with. God is good.

I've got that neocounter widget on my blog (it's the top thing on the right) and some of the geographical locations that show up make me go, "hmmmmm....". Interesting to try to figure out who is reading my blog. For the most part, I say what I want to say without thought to who is reading, within reason. I don't get into graphic medical stuff and I *am trying diligently* to be positive about my situation and the events that led me to this time of life. It's simply not constructive to be negative and the potential collateral damage it too great right now. I'll never be the perfect model of discretion and I don't aim to be.

I'm watching the Florida / Georgia game. I love Tim Tebow. (Florida's Heisman Award winning quarterback and an awesome man of God) (and a cutiepatootie!) The game is being played in Jacksonville and my stomach sunk a bit when they were talking about Jax in the pregame show. When they pan back to show the stadium I can't help but think of the last time I was there... for the Bruce Springsteen concert (the concert wasn't there, but that's where we parked). That was probably the last time I felt like part of a couple, which is ironic considering the company with us that night...
I don't know how people recover from heartbreak in the same city where it happened... it's been helpful to me to just be able to distance myself, to be 500 miles away, to not see any of those places, to be able to not feel things... it's sort of like keeping a bandaid over a cut to allow it to heal or keeping a broken bone in a cast to give it extra support. I don't know that I'll ever be able to go back to Jacksonville or even to see those sights without a sting. I know that in my safe little cocoon here, that I am happy... and so this is where I'll stay. Good things are happening here.
Good things are happening in Jacksonville for my Florida Gators right now... they lead 14-3 halfway through the 2nd quarter! I'm having a great time watching football! Austin is having a great time playing the Wii. I don't know that nesting gets any better than this!
I'm going to do a little graphic snagging to entertain myself. Hope you all have a great afternoon! *hugs*


Beth said...

When I got together with Ken, he had been taking his lunch to work for years. I started taking mine, too, and you'd be amazed at how much we saved over the years! I always try to make extra food in our dinners so there is some left for Ken's lunches. My lunches were much lighter, with some yogurt, cheese, crackers...and maybe a Hershey's kiss or three. ;) But if you can get in the habit, it will save you plenty!

My Star Trek lunch box is sitting idle on top of the fridge since I stopped working. Would you like to borrow it? Yeah, okay...probably not. LOL

Love, Beth

Big Mark 243 said...

Being back in Detroit, I don't take for granted being able to just go and get stuff. Might have to invest in the coffee thingy though ...

I like Tim Tebow too, for what he represents. I hope for him.

Returning to the 'scene of the crime', the place of heartbreak ... can't say that ever affected me. The only way I worry about 'places' is when I am taking the 'new what's happenin' to one, and she asks "Have I ever been there with anyone before!"