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My People
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Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Oh wow. I'm so zonked! It was just a long, long day. Waking up at 1:30am is NOT the way to start the day! But I did it. I made it through the whole day... customers... putting air in my tire (again, I know, I have to get a new tire)... two Thanksgiving dinners... dishes... laundry...and so on and so forth. I don't know how, but I did it!

It was actually a pretty good day. I'm getting a bit concerned about the whole kidney infection issue as I am still in pain and have some of those other little tell-tale signs like... oh, I don't know... fever that keeps coming back... chills... feeling weak and... did I mention pain?... I called the doctor today and they said, "oh yeah... definitely we need to see you before the long holiday weekend". So I have an appointment smack in the middle of the day tomorrow which will be tricky... I'll spend an hour just getting to the doctor and back... but it's better than spending Thanksgiving in the ER.

I have this major "alone-a-phobia" about getting sick. I'm scared that something will happen and nobody will know... like they'll find my cold, decaying body a week later or something. I know this is completely irrational. I missed one Sunday and I had a half dozen emails/calls/etc. I'm unattached but not alone. There's just that idea of sitting in an ER alone.

The really ironic thing in the "My World is So Small" category... I was telling my SIL Angie tonight that I have an appointment tomorrow at 1pm... and she said, "OH! Jim has an appointment at 1:15". With the same doctor! How funny would it have been if we hadn't talked about it! Even in a small town... you'd crack up if your brother had the next appointment after you at the same doctor and you didn't know it! I asked her not to tell him.... Of course... having me as a sister for 40 years... I'm sure there's not much that surprises him.

I'm a bit stressed out about missing work... I emailed Duane and told him and he was not unkind about it... but it's the day before a holiday weekend and it's been really busy this week... and... yeah... I can't afford to miss work. I'm still trying to earn some cha-ching for Christmas money but so far this week we've lost more policies than we've written.

My friend Matt's book came in the mail today and I am forcing myself not to read it tonight. I'm so sleepy that I'm afraid I'll skim over it and not really read it. By the way... go order yourself a copy... , search for Good Hope by Matthew McCord. You will NOT be disappointed! I'm getting several copies to give as Christmas gifts. I really adore Matt. (when you say that fast it sounds like "a doormat"). He's a sweet, smart, talented, small town southern lawyer and really good guy. Buy his book. *end of marketing ploy*

Today I had lunch with Sarabeth, as planned. They had made homemade butter (which was so good that Angie and I were sneaking from Sarabeth's tray while she wasn't looking!) and homemade cranberry sauce and johnny cakes. The kids had little pilgrim hats and indian feathers and they were so durn cute! School lunch was... eh... school lunch... but it was definitely worth it.

Dinner at church tonight was also worth the trip. There was a huge crowd of people, many more than our normal fellowship meals... but it was good to be a part of things. After all my years of not feeling a part of any church... I'm just happy to be there. I sat with some of the college age kids - or rather, they sat with me! That was nice... Sarabeth came and joined us for dessert. They ran out of pumpkin pie and Austin had snagged himself a piece... and then Sarabeth snagged about half of his pie. He didn't mind... although they did a bit of cutlery sword fighting over it... and then she ate my piece of red velvet cake (which I certainly didn't need!). I told her she needs to call her Pop and tell him she wants some pumpkin pie and she's sure to get some. She just giggled. Six year old girls giggle a lot.

Ok... I'm out of gas. Love and hugs... peace...


Anonymous said...

Take care of yourself . . . make sure you get to the dr tomorrow. You certainly don't want to end up in the ER Thursday (and certainly not the one at Southern Regional!). I'm beat today, too. I didn't get all my stuff done today (work stuff, yes, but laundry - no), so we're waiting until Wednesday AM to go to mom and dad's. Have a good Wednesday!

*Tracy* said...

good luck at the drs hope they figure out why your not getting better. hugs

Tina of Moon Shine said...

it sounds like church was a lot of fun!