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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Friday, November 7, 2008


Another week has come and gone... this one was different than I could have possibly predicted at this time last week... but God has been good.

It's amazing how hearts can be healed. I won't preach again today but I am amazed.

Austin is spending the night with his friend. They were here doing his chores when I got home. His friend was babysitting his two year old sister and they brought her up here... it was sort of frightening for Austin and an Austin like creature to be responsible for an itty bitty girl in my home... especially since my home is not the least bit childproof... but they were doing a good job and she was a sweetheart. You know what a sucker I am for little ones! She was fascinated with my Seuss creatures and Barbie dolls. She also loved Stubby the three legged wonder cat...

I had lunch with Sarabeth today. It was awesome to surprise her! I was told I should meet her in the cafeteria but I asked instead to go to her classroom... and it just so happened that Sarabeth was "line leader" today. If you have a little one, you know what a big deal that is! She was standing at the door to her classroom as everyone lined up. She saw me before I saw her and she just shook with excitement! I am so blessed to live in close proximity - this is what I have always wanted, ever since she was born, to be able to be a "full time aunt" not just a holiday and birthday aunt. It's more precious to me than I can begin to tell you. I took my lunch - in a little brown bag - with peanut butter and jelly and an apple. I need to get a little lunch box, I plan to eat with her frequently. It's only five minutes from my office and it makes her happy... and heck... I don't have anyone else to have lunch with!

Next I will have to plan to have lunch with Jamie. She is a bit further away and in 3 year old preschool but I know she would enjoy it as much as SB.

Work today was soooo busy! It was a constant stream of clients and phone calls from the word "go". I met with Duane to discuss some changes in Georgia law (Senate Bill 276 for those who are interested) and he was very complimentary regarding my work. He was pleased enough that he gave me a raise! After three weeks at work! You know... I struggled so much with the fact that I was taking a paycut moving here... and there was this tiny little egotistical part of me that was frustrated with the decrease in salary... because... well, I worked hard to get to the salary level I was at... but I was conscious of the fact that the cost of living here is lower and I was comforted by the fact that our commission structure is the best I've ever worked under... and the truth is, I needed a job! So although it changed the balance of my compensation to a little heavier dependence on sales... in a sagging economy... I believed that God would provide. I knew that every paycheck would require me to walk in faith... and so far, God has not let us do without. Knowing that a bit more of my budget will be met by salary is a relief and an answered prayer. I still need the commissions! But it's nice to have a bit more breathing room.

So let me just acknowledge that it has been seven weeks. 49 days. A lifetime ago. Seven weeks ago I could barely work. Today I am earning accolades. I just believe that amazing things can happen when we let go of ourselves and let God take over. I'm not taking back control... this is much better!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend! love and hugs!


Anonymous said...

You go girl! Now ~ why didn't you buy school lunch? Nathan always has the best pizza on Fridays ~ that's when I like to go eat lunch with him =)

Anonymous said...

I told you someday you will be doing better then ever and it sounds like you are I belive your faith and strength are getting you though it is amazing how many good days you have, to how many bad days you had about 6 months ago You are doing so much Better Now Heather Your life has taken a 180 God Bless Kat:)

Tina of Moon Shine said...

way to go on that raise!!!!!