My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Sunday, November 23, 2008

lots of old pictures - may be slow to load, sorry!

Austin while his brothers were babysitting!

Me and Purple Michael. I LOVE HIM! That was a pure look of joy on my face!

Cody warms up to bat while Bear coaches third base. Cody still uses that batting helmet. He has a tiny head.

Typical profile shot of Barry... he was always camera shy! Here I'm consulting with him about the lineup... our usual pregame ritual.

Picutres taken by Purple Michael around 2003... not bad for a 35 year old chick, right?

Cody would have been about 13... Ryan around 16 or 17

Those hearts would be my tattoo....

Me and my Codester!

Austin, Purple Michael and Cody - sometime around 2003

Our all time favorite Austin picture - how very Tom Sawyer is he? This picture is on my desk at work!

All 3 boys with Purple Michael in Dahlonega... summer of 2003, I think.

My gorgeous Cody-boy

Pictures from Mistletunes 2003 - a show I costumed at Stagedoor Players in Dunwoody. One of my favorite shows EV-UH!
I think the costumes are just amazing- even if I did do them myself!

That handpainted jacket on the conductor was something I actually found in a thrift store!

Having Hanukkah in Santa Monica ... they were all supposed to be old people

The three divas... dontcha love the dresses?

The whole cast with the writer/director Rand Hopkins who passed away January 3, 2005. Rand was just a sweetheart to me - he used to tell my kids he was going to be their stepfather (not really). I called him Randa Claus.

Notice that these are actual Christmas tree skirts!

The three Elvis'

Our Biblical costumes

Christmas 2004 - right before Jamie was born

Cody and Ryan, Christmas 2004

me and Purple Michael

how cute is this baby?

best cousins, Devin and Austin

Angie... miserable before BABY Jamie got here... Jamie was born December 29, 2004


Beth said...

Cody looks very much like you!

Big Mark 243 said...

Yes he does ... what Beth said.

Why is Michael purple?

Those are the times that should be dancing in your head, even when things aren't going quite the way you hope.

Indigo said...

Loved all the pictures you shared! It's awesome to see the face on the other side of the computer screen as well as her memories in pictures. I always wondered that too, why is Michael Purple? (Hugs)Indigo