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My People
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Friday, November 28, 2008

random things

Do you guys remember the Sears Christmas Catalog? I think it was called the Wish Book. Do they still make those? I haven't seen a Sears catalog in ages. Mama and Daddy had an Ikea catalog that was pretty exciting...

I've been watching Tori and Dean all evening. One of those ridiculous fascinations. I don't know why they interest me.

I think I need a Garmin.

If I HAD been shopping today Macy's had some great deals. I can tell that retailers are really trying to move merchandise this year. There was this great chafing (sp?) dish that was only $8.99.

I am starting to love cranberry juice.

Austin has a sore throat but he is rearranging the living room for our Christmas tree. He is also cleaning out the litter box... apparently the poop is getting to him. Usually you can't smell it. Today you can. My husband is gagging while reading this.

I have a new afghan on my bed... it's this really beautiful columbian blue color that matches my other bed linens. My grandmother made it during her martyr period (may God rest her soul). She always told my mom that she went blind making it. Mom didn't have a use for it but we couldn't throw out something that grandma sacrificed her eyesight on... so it's on my bed. And it's beautiful.

My cousin Melissa told me a story yesterday about Grandma serving possum when her parents were newleyweds. My first question was, "where did she get it?" I mean... it's not like you can pick it up at the Piggly Wiggly.

I just saw a Horton in the Macy's ad! I have a Horton that Michael bought me earlier this year. I was so excited about Horton that he bought me Hop on Pop, Yertle the Turtle and Fox with Sox too. The Macy's Horton TALKS! I wonder if I can buy one online....?

Not that I exactly have dough to blow but I've been thinking about investing in a good handbag. I've never been materialistic... but I like the idea of having a good, grownup purse instead of my Fauxch purse. (it's like the target knockoff of Coach).

I don't understand the whole threadcount thing. Is higher better? Candice... help me out... I just always smile and nod like I know the difference. I usually sleep on top of the covers. I know it's crazy... it's just what I do. I love a made up bed so much that I can't stand to unmake it to sleep in it. Sheets don't matter so much to me.

Tomorrow I'm also getting my curio cabinet that is being recycled from Jim and Angie, I think. I'm very excited about how nice my house is going to look after this weekend. I need to have a housewarming party or something... hmmm... entertaining... am I ready for this?

I had this epiphany this afternoon about why God ordained that marriage should be for life... I mean... you fall in love when you're both young and hot. You procreate when you're still in that category... you go through all the insanity of raising kids... by the time they're teenagers and nobody can stand them - even themselves - you're both genetically invested so you team up and join together to battle the forces of evil... after going through all of this together, when she starts going through menopause and he has his midlife crisis there is enough of a deep rooted bond to forgive each other for their shortcomings... and then when you get old and grey and start losing parts, you love the person inside the aging shell so much that you couldn't stand to leave. That's what I believe marriage should be. I'm about twenty years behind schedule...

I am craving ahi tuna. I don't think there's anywhere to have it here. The nearest Outback Steakhouse is about 45 minutes away.

Maybe a Dooney & Burke purse.... I'll have to get tires first. That's my next big money expenditure.

Have you seen the Barbie Karaoke Styling Head? I had one of those big Barbie heads that you could style. Now they kind of freak me out... this big ole random decapitated Barbie... but I've got to check out the Karaoke feature since Jamie has asked for a new Barbie for Christmas and that child loves to sing...

It's Friday night y'all... and I'm laying on my big cozy bed with my laptop, the sales papers and Tori and Dean... I'm living large!

There is a place near us where they sell log furniture. Austin REALLY wants a log coffee table. I don't know why. It wouldn't be terribly out of place with our living room furniture but I'm not sure why he likes that look so much. I need to take him by that store and let him browse. I have a feeling it will be terribly expensive.

Ok... enough random thoughts for one day... g'night y'all!


Big Mark 243 said...

Feeling a little 'blond' tonight?

Why do you think you need a Garmin? Can't read a map?

I bought a new quilt for my bed. It is a Nautica thingy I got from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Pretty cool, with Navy, White, and Blue. So super cool. I think I am going to get a Carolina Fathead helment (no really, I am from Detroit!)

Sometimes I tuck my feet, but otherwise I sleep uncovered. BUT I have a thing about sleeping in bed clothes ... even when I am by myself and even when I had my own place. Just a curious thing.

There are too many outlets to pay full price for a Coach purse ... see, if you were up here, we could go to Indiana and stop at the shop there on the way to Chicago ... oh, and I would eat some cheese fries and we could share a 'chocolate thunder from down under' ...

... one of those 'stifled Friday nights' ... but I did go run today!

Estela said...

Usually, the higher the thread count, the softer the sheet. I didn't believe it until my sister bought us some 350 count sheets last year. Oooo..soft!

Tina of Moon Shine said...

I find myself watching Tori and Dean too. lol. Tori is funny.
I think a Garmin could be a good investment for you since you are in a new place.
I am in my "surrogate" bed at my parents. if I get too hot or whateer, i will walk home.
by the way, are you related to Ty Pennington?

Myra said...

I have an Egyptian cotton set 350 count that I've had for years. It is so soft, and barely makes noise rustles. My other JCPenney sheets make so much noise every time you move. You'll know the difference when you experience it. I have an afghan a Catholic sister made and gave to me before leaving for Siberia...I love it, and more because she made it for me. I gave her some wooly socks to keep her tootsies warm! I don't do the label purses at all...not worth it to me - have you seen how much those things cost??

cw2smom said...

Oh yes...that higher thread count makes the sheets Heavenly! I think it's worth the investment for one set and they'll last for years and years! I am all about comfort in my bed..since we spend so much of our lives there! Glad you are using your grandma's handmade heirloom on your bed! I bet she's appreciative as well! My daughter loves Tori and Dean and I watch it on occasion as they seem pretty level headed for celebrity types! LOL! Take care! Lisa

Anonymous said...

I so enjoyed our breakfast and shopping! I want to come see you next . . . I'll see if I can talk AT into coming with me. I did manage to get Natalie a few items that I knew I couldn't get online . . . sometimes I just have to see a sweater to know if it will fit her. I did go back through Macy's and get my sisters (and me!) one of those long sweater coat thingys we were looking at for $16.99 each. I was tickled with those. Forgot to go back to the chafing dishes though (sorry!), but my arms were full at that point. And I got a Garmin for Doug . . . Staples had a really good deal on them. I did get a sweet treat tonight and got to see Sidney, Nicholas' baby. So cute! I got to give her a bottle and rock her to sleep. She is adorable!
Ly ~ be sure to post pictures of your tree!

Lainey Laine said...

Lots of things you mention I don't know about, being English!

When you say purse do you mean handbag? Or do you mean purse what you put your money in!

The table Austin likes sounds lovely to me! Different and original. Cool.

You sound chirpy - Im glad! Laine xxxx

Maire said...

sounds like you have a lovely *nest*! Every girl needs some luxuries, you deserve it! Handbags & shoes are mine. We bought some high thread count sheets, they feel wonderful, but wrinkle easily, and the puppy chewed a hole in the sheet!!. have a great weekend. Hugs, maire

Heavenlybama said...

Sears closed their catalog business after closing the catalog stores in 1993. I was kinda sad about that cuz I loved their catalogs. I know someone who has saved alot of the old ones. I'm sure they'll be worth money someday. I love going thru the old ones just to look and compare prices. And higher thread count is always better.