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My People
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Monday, December 15, 2008

a few monday mysteries...

Austin has managed to break three different pictures since we've moved here. The latest casualty was a silver frame with three photos that had been on our counter in Woodstock (the house that Michael and I first moved in together - I wasn't allowed to put pictures on the refrigerator so I had this really nice frame on the counter) with pictures of Cody, Sarabeth and Jamie. I can use the frame without the glass but... geez... what's up with him and breaking glass lately? Am I going to have to morph to a rubber house?

Another mystery to me... why does Stubby the 3Legged Wondercat always want to do his grooming on my bed? Yes, it's a nice comfy cozy nest but it's not like I groom here. I do just about everything else (including eat! ha!) but I groom in the bathroom. Like normal... creatures...

Why must it rain on Monday? There are two days a week that I go in to work early - Monday for staff meeting and Wednesday since I leave early on Wednesdays. Those two days should be rain free. I'm pretty much guaranteed that whatever I do to my hair, it's not going to last. The rain will turn me into a frizzy mess, no matter what. Consequently, I'm typing a blog entry instead of fixing my hair.

This is going to be a busy week at work. There have been some changes in Georgia law with uninsured motorist coverage and we are trying to meet with our clients and educate them about the different options available to them. We have a call center that sets appointments for us... and they had a flurry of activity on Friday and set about fifty appointments for us over the next week... that's a lot of folks coming through the office! This means that I need to be on my game... I'm the first person people see as my office is in what is now the lobby. We're expanding the office after Christmas but I'll still essentially be in the lobby. I'm ok with it... I like having the social spot.

Another great mystery to me - Austin used to take two showers a day in Jacksonville. Since we've lived here, I've had to FORCE him to take showers. Now all of a sudden he's back to the two showers a day... he woke up on his own this morning and got in the shower. Not that I'm complaining... I just don't know what's up with him. Goofy kid.

My friend Matt posted a video on his facebook of his Christmas concert on Saturday night. Every time I try to open it, my computer freezes up. I want to see it! The Christmas concert usually gets aired on local cable for the week or so before Christmas but I'm in a different area now so I won't get to see it. I've just seen the pics of him looking all handsome and dapper in his tux.

For two weeks I complained about the kidney infection that would not go away... now it's the ear infection that wants to linger. I'm on day nine of ear pain. This time we're doing topical meds since I've been on so many meds over the past year. I asked that they give me pain drops instead of pain pills... but the problem is that the drops only work while I'm laying on my left side with the drops in and a cotton ball in my ear. Obviously... I can't go through life lying on my left side (I tried it back in Jax and it was a pretty miserable life, trust me!). My doctor had a baby on Friday so I'll have to call the doctor who is covering with her to see what other options we have. I'm on day six of meds... it should feel better by now. Maybe it's day five. I can't remember. It's just getting old.

I have still not done my Christmas cards. I don't know why... I love sending them and getting them... I just haven't felt inspired. I've sent one card... that's it.

I never mind working on Saturdays but then Monday comes and it seems like I haven't had a weekend. No way around it... it's time to pry myself from the nest and do a modified, water proof glam routine. Love and hugs and Happy Monday, y'all!


Linda said...

The breaking of things and teenage boys still remains a mystery to me, why do they play basketball in the living room? Mine quit doing it when they went away to college!! LOL, well now they do it when they are home on breaks. Linda

sober white women said...

My son does not break stuff instead he is afraid of everything...even the kittens! I don't get it.
We are finally getting some much needed rain.

Big Mark 243 said...

Might be Auggie is growing. Those kinds of changes throws off all sort of things.

Frizzy hair ... that sounds funny!

Hope you get things together, health wise so you can enjoy the holiday.

Big Mark 243 said...

Might be Auggie is growing. Those kinds of changes throws off all sort of things.

Frizzy hair ... that sounds funny!

Hope you get things together, health wise so you can enjoy the holiday.

Tina of Moon Shine said...

i think a lot of people are in a rut with the holidays this year. I am always in awe of the reason for the season, but commercially, I am just blah.
I think Stubby sees you as the leader of the house and that he is worthy of only the Leader's companionship. Also, stubby is a male and you are a female. He feels he is your equal. not Austin's.
I hope your monday improved some!