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My People
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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Worker Man Cody

How cute is my Cody in his scrubs? He looks like it's career day at school or something and he's dressing up as a medical worker.
I dreamed about Christmas shopping last night. I haven't done much shopping and can't/won't. It's going to be a slim Christmas for us as far as material things go... but a very happy Christmas, rich in love and family and community.
In my dream I found some really nice shirts for my boys at Old Navy for $3 a piece... so I bought them matching shirts. I used to love to dress them alike when they were little... I do plan to go to one of the shopping centers down in civilization this weekend and just see what's cheap/on sale/affordable for my loved ones. I dread the crowds but it's part of the experience, right?
I need to take my bodyguard. A few years ago I bought tvs for the boys. They were on sale at Walmart supercheap but you know how Walmart crowds are this time of year... I got Barry to go with me to do the heavy lifting... I just hid behind him and let him push the cart and part the crowd.
Christmas is only a week away!
Tonight is Jamie's Christmas program at her preschool. Angie is directing it and I am planning to go see it. It's RIGHT on the way home from work and early enough that I can go by there, adore my Jamie-gurl and still be home before my bedtime.
I need to start getting ready for work but it's 97% humidity. It doesn't matter what I do with my hair... it's going to be a frizzy/curly mess. At least it's warm... almost balmy outside. We're expecting to be near 70 degrees today. So I will have the modified glam routine today...
Hope you have a great day! *Hugs*


Myra said...

The worst thing about holiday shopping, back to school, etc., is the crowds. I just can't deal with people who turn into rude, obnoxious, pretending-to-be-human beings. Oh, and parking...which is these same humans driving 2 tons of steel trying to manuever into a parking space, any parking space. Have a great day!

Beth said...

I'm with Myra. Nothing gets me out of the Christmas mood faster than going to the mall! LOL I do the vast majority of my shopping online.

Peaceful Epiphany said...

Cody is getting into a really COOL career because he has a lot of cool opportunities.

Did you know that he could work on a CRUISE SHIP?? Yep, when I was on my last cruise, the lady giving me my massage just graduated from one of those 9 month schools and then signed up for a year on the cruise ship. She worked for Royal Caribbean and did massages. She went everywhere that Royal Caribbean cruised to. She worked 9-5, 5 days a week and her HOME was the ship. She partied the rest of the time.

She had access to computers and email and had "vacation time" where she could go home. She made HELLA GOOD MONEY but didn't need to spend a DIME of it because she had free room, board and all the entertainment she wanted on the ship. The only time she spent money was when she went on on shore for shore excursions and played tourist with the rest of the cruise guests. She said she loved it so much she was going to go to a different cruise line after her contract was up with Royal, so she could see OTHER parts of the world.

I was like...IF I WAS YOUNGER, I would TOTALLY go that route. She had it made! And those people on those cruise ships really looked like they had a blast. All except for the guys who made up our rooms every day. THOSE guys didn't make enough money for what they did. LOL. But the massage therapists DID. Ohhhh you should tell him about that. I bet he would love it!!!