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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Saturday, December 13, 2008


A few quick things:

If you want me to send you a blog alert email, I need to know what email to use. Please and thank you.

My earache is worse... despite the $145 liquid gold eardrops. After work this morning I have to pick up a second medicine. The pharmaceutical companies have made me their woman of the year... I have single handedly saved that industry. Thank God for health insurance. Again.

I'm working for a few hours, hopefully they'll go by fast.

My friend Amy's grandma is in ICU with pneumonia. She called to see if I would meet her at the hospital after work. Of course. It's somewhere in my vicinity but I don't know exactly how to get there. I'll figure it out. Still wishing for garmin for Christmas!

I'm having yogurt for breakfast - this is to offset the damage that the tater tot dinner did last night. I didn't even make it to the turkey sandwich. I just ate tater tots (and I heard a groan all the way from New York City over that one!).

That whole New England ice storm looks like a mess! Hope you are all safe and warm!

It's chilly here - below freezing.

Melissa says they have a blizzard heading their way... I say it's a treadmill day for you, girlie!

I really need to shave my legs... but don't have time before work this morning because I've piddled around and wasted time. (was that another groan from NYC?)

I made all these *what I thought were* cute pics on my cellphone last night to send to my buddy and they didn't go through on his side. He sent me a text at 1am to tell me. (What's the definition of an optimist? Someone who texts me at 1am thinking they'll get a response!) (What's the definition of a realist? Me waiting to text him back at noon, knowing by then he'll be breaking for lunch and might have time to write back).

Two new babies in my world this week: My cousin Christie had tiny baby Cole... and my friend Mistie and her husband are adopting a sweet baby boy named Josiah. Josiah was born on Wednesday. God is good.

Gotta finish the glam routine (i.e. put on a baseball cap and wash my face) and head to the office. Wish me luck!


ginger said...

My email is to receive your alerts. Thanks