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My People
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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

i can't believe i ate the whole thing...

I'm off work for the next two days! woohoo!

Today at work we brought food... I ate ALL DAY LONG! We all did. I love my office... my co-workers are so much fun... and good cooks! We had deviled eggs, ham, cream cheese squares, cheese and crackers, sausage balls, cheese dip and tortilla chips... we seriously had too much food!

My BooBoo... my oldest son... is on a plane RIGHT NOW on his way to Atlanta from PA. He'll be home for Christmas! God is good!

The jaw pain / ear pain from clenching my teeth is more a behavioral modification than a pill thing, which is good... I'm ready to detox from all the crap I've had to take over the past year or so. Xanax is the devil!

I heard from another Blast from my past today. They're coming out of the wood work... it's flattering but more than I can really process right now. And my Pocket Mexican... the client with a crush on me... called today with this very sweet rehearsed speech. His english is not great so I know he worked hard to say the right thing. It's sweet but... yeah... I'm not interested.

On top of all the munchies we had today, Duane gave us these big food baskets - you know, the ones with the different nuts and chocolates and cheese and crackers and summer sausage and all that. I love those! I used to love going into the Swiss Colony store at the mall and sampling... I think Austin was more excited than me...

The kids' dad has decided he wants Austin to stay with him for the week after Christmas. I'm... semi-okay with it. Austin is bored to death at our house alone all day and bored Austin = trouble making Austin. Dad's girlfriend works for the school system so she's home all day during Christmas break. Austin has a tendency to not shower and get a bit out of sorts while he's with his dad. His dad just doesn't quite get that Austin requires a bit more supervision than the older kids. I have to reprogram him when I get him back. But... Austin loves being with his dad and they spend so little time together. I try to make it happen whenever it's possible... whether his dad is being cooperative in other ways or not. Austin being with his dad saves me money... at least in food... although it will mean a four hour round trip dropping off and picking up... but I'm going down on Christmas day... so it's just one extra trip and that may give me time to visit with a special guy...

Anyways... I tried to call to make arrangements and I'm not getting a return call. Go figure. I guess he's busy NOT taking care of his mother.

I hope that I will some time reach a point of being as disconnected from Michael as I am from my first husband. I still care what Michael is doing. It all still bothers me... especially thinking of him and that girl... thinking about not being able to share Christmas with my soon to be ex-in-laws.... with the kids' dad... I am SOOOOO OVER him... I haven't given him a second thought in years... and I certainly never missed his family. I never had even a fleeting flash of jealousy... I'm relieved that he has someone in his life to keep him in line.

Changing the subject... I just love Paula Deen. I'm watching her Christmas special... she is just the epitome of some of my favorite southern women. I woke up at 2am this morning and Steel Magnolias was on... I want you to know that I stayed awake and watched the whole thing! And then I realized Fiddler on the Roof was on and watched that until the end! I had enough time to nap for a half hour before time to get up for work. I'm not sleepy... I think I'm on a carb high from today!

I guess that's about all the news I have from the nest today... hope you all have a fabulous evening! Love and hugs!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It sounds like you had a great day! We don't do any parties where I work. I only have half a day tomorrow and then will be off til Monday. Enjoy your days off and Merry Christmas! 'On Ya'-ma

sober white women said...

I have been eating all day as well. I think I am going to explode!
I do hope you enjoy your days off. Once the holidays are over I need a day off!

Tina of Moon Shine said...

i have to work tomorrow. I wonder if they will have food? Ihope so. I meant to buy the stuff and make sausage balls but forgot about it. I only like to use one brand of sausage and it isn't sold just anywhere.

I am not sleepy at all. don't know why. excited maybe? shouldn't be. not iwth my money issues...
take care

Big Mark 243 said...

I just looked at my medicine bag and there are all sorts of pain medications that I used to think that 'old people' took ... I guess this means that I am old!

Watch yourself with the affections of others. There is a space in your life, and life wants to fill it. What you have to do is guard that space ... not 'defend it'. Pour example, if some decent enough cat wanted to be your friend, let them ... nothing wrong with a dinner date or movie friend.

Just be careful and take baby steps ... and NEVER admit to needing to take them. You do what works for you. If someone wants to rush, leave them be.

That is why it is hard to process ... your love for Michael is still 'active' at times, and you are wanting someone right now. That is a churn, and you have to struggle to keep going where you want to go.

That is the big thing, going in your direction. Everything you need will be on the way!