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My People
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Monday, December 8, 2008

just another manic monday / grown up Christmas list

The word on my hand today is bread. Not for any spiritual meaning... but so I didn't forget to take home the banana nut bread that one of our clients brought in.

There was the most beautiful cotton candy pink sunset with the mountains silhouetted in the distance on my way home from work. I will never take those views for granted. I love where I live.

Stubby the three legged wondercat threw up on my quilt, afghan and comforter today. It took some skill to manage to get all three. Then, while I was cleaning that mess up... he started eating my dinner. I am not loving the Stubby Cat tonight.

I have a really nasty earache. I took some advil. I have some drops. I'll be alright. If it's still hurting tomorrow I'll call the doctor. I just can't imagine how any bacteria could possibly grow in my body. I've been on antibiodics since November 21st. I've had four different antibiodics in my system. I'm still on one- finish in two days. It's just ridiculous.

I decided to start wearing my wedding rings again ... on my right hand, on the middle finger. They've always been too big. I figure they're mine and I definitely earned them... so I might as well enjoy them. Besides that... I changed purses and the purse I was carrying them in was being left at home and there wasn't a special compartment to put them in my new purse... I was afraid they might get stolen. So I'm wearing them.

The hope ring is on the other middle finger. Then I have a ring I wear on my thumb that I got at the greek festival in spring 2007. I went with my friend Amy... she's so special to me... she got me through a lot of tough times... and I wear the ring on my thumb because my beloved Purple Michael used to always wear a ring on his thumb. There is also a cool sterling silver ring on my wedding ring finger. I've never been much of a jewelry girl... it's weird for me to have all these rings on but they all have their own special meaning.

The fact that I'm talking about something as mundane as jewelry should be a signal to you that I'm in a very peaceful place. The second week of advent is peace. I've found it. The entire way home today I counted my blessings out loud... it's a good life I have here... without a doubt there are stressful things that happen... but I feel like I have come so far.

Today I prayed that God would keep me from letting my ego... my need to be adored by some man... cause me to move into another bad relationship. Better to be alone than to be with the wrong person... even if it seems that everyone else in the world is partnered up. The truth is that I don't NEED anyone. It would be convenient, in some ways, to share the cost of living, to have someone to cuddle with, and all that stuff...

But then how would I spend hours on the internet every night? How would I be able to drink hot chocolate with whipped cream in bed?

Missie has encouraged us to make a Grown Up Christmas List... and since I talked about the song in an entry yesterday, I ought to participate. You can visit Missie here:

My list is as follows:
1. a memory foam mattress
2. potholders
3. a tv stand for the tv in my bedroom (it's on the floor right now)
4. a trip to NYC
5. a new bigger, better, faster laptop (not that I don't love the one I have!)
6. super straight hair
7. to wear a size ten again without having to work so hard for it
8. to spend Christmas with ALL my nieces and nephews... Tiffany, Cory, Matthew, Ethan, Elizabeth, Caleb, Maddie, Sarabeth, Jamie... some don't celebrate Christmas, and some don't celebrate it with us... it would be awesome to have all these babies in one place.
9. energy
10. this durn cat to take up with Austin and leave me alone
11. to be able to work parttime like I did in Jacksonville and not be broke...

Hope you all have a great Monday. *hugs*


Beth said...

Did you know that Prince is the guy who wrote "Manic Monday?" Just a random bit of trivia for you there!

Hon, I have to ask...why do you want to wear your wedding rings, on whatever finger? You couldn't have paid me to put those things on after my ex and I split. It was just a symbol to me of something that was no longer. Both Ken and I have a few old rings here and there that we're planning on taking in to get the money for the gold. Maybe you can do that and get yourself something for YOU! Think about it!

Hugs, Beth

Missie said...

I'm so glad you did the grown up Christmas list!

Have a good night.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Grown ups like Christms just as well as the kids. Everyone should make a list. I like Beth's idea about getting the money for the could get yourself something nice. Hope you are feeling better soon. 'On Ya'-ma

Myra said...

I still have my old wedding rings...I don't wear them...EVER! I think I'll give them to my granddaughter one day, but I don't want to pass any bad ju ju on to her. Actually, the only reason I keep them is because my grandparents bought them for us - he didn't even have the decency to buy our wedding rings!

sober white women said...

On my grown up list is a wagon with moster wheels, a scale, a sari, and some smell good bath stuff.

Barbara said...

I am with you I want super straight hair too and some energy.
I hope you feel better soon and the cat leaves you alone. :)

*Tracy* said...

i hope u feel better soon. im with the other ladies and you should sell the wedding rings and get you something nice! hugs

Remo said...

I'm with the rest - sell those suckers for scrap gold. Check the bottom of my blog for the daily spot price of gold.

Big Mark 243 said...

Taking antibiodics sometimes result in the body not making antibodies of its own, and certain kinds of new infections can slip in.

Oh baby ... not that it is going to do any good to say ... but wearing your wedding rings, is NOT going to help you to move on and be past your marriage. Not my business, but I am going to say that is a sign of deepening your attachment.

Man, I would want to clear those emotions out, so that clean, new ones can take their place. The new needs to have its room to settle in. You aren't giving it the room it will need, by keeping in stuff like that. You aren't actually divorced, are you? So that leads me to wonder if you secretly harbor in a corner of your soul, a spot where you both get things together?

I don't think that is the bad part, after all, you did choose to marry the cat, and it was 'til death'. I have only married once, but I have always thought if I managed the trick again, it WOULD be until death! But life doesn't work that way, and you need to be flexible enough to do what you got to do, to be ready for what you want.

But unless you are using the rings to scare off potential losers, it is so not the best idea. In fact, it is setting yourself up for someone who ISN'T a cool cat, to come into your life. Because the only kind of man who would approach you, is someone with 'less than' motives. Blocking the good what is due to you, that is what you are doing.

Keeping them is one thing ... wearing them is quite another.

cw2smom said...

I've always attached sentimental value or detrimental value to stuff and I have a hard time shaking it. So, personally I'd have a hard time wearing my ex-wedding ring, but if it works for you that's okay. Who are we to judge. Wear them and enjoy! I like what some have suggested about selling them for the gold value. I may get out some of my old gold jewelry and get rid of it for some extra cash! Hang in there kiddo!