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My People
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Friday, December 5, 2008

happy friday!

It's a cold Friday morning up here in the mountains! It was soggy and wet last night when I came home and it's dropped below freezing. Hopefully the roads had time to dry out before the deep freeze. I'll wait until sun up to start out, just to make sure the visibility is better.

Last night I did a lot of reading blogs and not much commenting. I was just in a quiet, observing kind of mood. I was asleep before ten (because I didn't see the end of Grey's Anatomy). It seems that I'm sleeping better this week since I've been sleeping under the covers. Who knew?

Instead of just coffee this morning I'm drinking coffee mixed with hot chocolate... sort of a mocha latte or cappucino sort of deal. It's excellent! It's so good that I may be making another cup to carry on the road with me this morning.

I'm on the fence about whether or not to work tomorrow. If I have appointments and there's the potential for some extra cha-ching then it's one thing. If I'm just going to spend the day marketing... I'm not sure that's the best use of my time. My goal for today is to set appointments so I know it will be worth it. I've made so many calls in the past two days just trying to find someone - anyone - to buy life insurance. Half the people just hang up on me (well, not immediately but when they find out I'm trying to sell life insurance they disconnect pretty soon) and the other half agree they need it but have to ask their wife or have to ask their husband... I'm thinking... do these couples have to ask for permission for every purchase? Or just the ones that will provide a big chunk of money for their spouse if they die? Some of these policies are $15 a month... I don't know of any relationship where you are required to check in for a $15 expenditure. Obviously, that's just a delay tactic. It's not like I'm trying to force something unnecessary on them... I mean... life insurance is the only thing we sell that is guaranteed to pay out on a claim... since everyone is going to die.

Can you tell the rejection is getting to me??? *laugh*

Yesterday while I was in the midst of making phone calls and feeling really discouraged... I ended up getting someone's answering machine... only it wasn't the person I thought I was calling, it was a wrong number... but the outgoing message was from Jeremiah 29:11 " For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. This was the verse that Angie gave to me in the middle of my darkest time. This was the verse that kept me going - to believe that God had a future planned for me that was not going to include sadness or loneliness or disappointment or isolation or abandonment.

I am re-reading the Purpose Driven Life. It was pivotal for me when I first read it back in 2005 and I believe it's a good way to sort of move forward now. I've conquered the big obstacles of finding shelter and a job... now I need to move forward into discovering the reason I was saved... death is everywhere, death was certainly imminent for me... and yet, here I am... living what A.T. describes as my "exciting single life" in the mountains. You really can't use the word "exciting" and "mountains" in the same sentence... but I am happy to be here in my slow little remote village.

Tomorrow they're having the Christmas parade in town. I think I might do better handing out business cards there than I would sitting in the office with no appointments. Well. We'll see what happens today, if I get anything scheduled.

It's not rainy today but I have a feeling it's going to be a curly day because I just don't feel like going thru the whole glam routine today. And it's jeans day which ALWAYS makes me happy!

Time to wake my doodle bug and have him get ready for the bus. Love and hugs! Happy Friday y'all!


Kelly Dawn said...

I hope you have an awesome superfantabulous day woman! Sorry I have been MIA but I have been sick and tired and working (much like you ) ;)


Myra said...

Granted, life insurance is so very important, but in the here and now, today, food, utilities, gas for the car, etc., are the priority. Its just a tough economy. Unfortunately, that is where we are as a society. Have a great day!

Remo said...

Things will pick-up after the holidays and people start looking at their fiscal-year financial picture. Mmm. Coffee & cocoa.

sober white women said...

BRRR I am cold just hearing about your weather. I do hope that you have a great day and I know that you will get some sales soon.

Big Mark 243 said...

I remember drinking what I called 'ghetto mochas' from my days in the cube prairie. They would turn me into 'Cornholio' (no, I did not need tee pee for my bung-hole!)

Love that you have that to hang your hat on, that piece of scripture. It is so important that you believe in your imagined future, otherwise it will not become real. It CAN'T be, if you don't think it will be. Faith is soo important, whatever you believe. Believe in ALL of it.

Fifteen dollars a month ..? Okay, I am interested (no, but seriously!) L & R! Mark

Emmi said...

OMG ... coffee mixed with hot chocolate? Never thought to do that but I'm stealing your concoction. =D

Beth said...

Stay safe on those roads--they're curvy enough as it is without adding ice into the mix!

Hope your weekend is a good one!

Anonymous said...

I can't speak for those who you spoke with on the phone, but out of RESPECT for my husband and out of RESPECT for me, my husband and I discuss everything when it comes to spending money, especially life insurance. The purchase maybe require a small amount, but it's a big issue at the same time so it's very often not about the money, but about the respect these spouses have for each other before making such a purchase. To discuss how much, etc.

Then add on the fact that a great deal of people simply live beyond their means and although it's just $15.00 a month (or more) that could be some juggling of things, cutting out maybe a simple weekly lunch, not a big deal maybe in the big picture, but still those things should ALWAYS be discussed between spouses. IMHO