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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Jamie's 4th Birthday "I'm getting four now!"

Four years ago on Monday our precious Amanda James was born. One of my first blog entries EVER was about Jamie's birth! When asked how old she will be on her birthday she said, "I'm getting four now!" She also announced to anyone who would listen that "I'm the birthday girl!".

Jamie has been the absolute delight of my heart from the very beginning. One my first full day in the mountains I babysat Jamie. We played outdoors and planned her birthday party - to be a butterfly birthday. And today we had our butterfly birthday party!

Austin bought a bb gun with his walmart gift certificate. He and "Gramps" (my sister in law's father) spent some quality time shooting milk jugs in the front yard before the birthday party guests arrived.

Sarabeth's butterfly matched her outfit. I'm not terribly artistic... I doodle more than anything. I would have done better drawing with a sharpie marker on their faces... but I still thought all these little girls with butterflies on their faces was precious!

How amazing is the butterfly cake?

I painted Cody's face Gator colors! He's a huge Florida State fan... he was totally oblivious of what colors I was using until I was completely done!

Ryan and Cody with their butterflies. You know my boys are great cousins when they'll suffer face painting at 22 and 18!

View of Jim and Angie's front yard from the top porch.

Miss Thang with her cake! I didn't get any birthday candle pictures because I was busy painting faces and didn't have my camera outside with me.

Jamie's little friend Leah seems reluctant to give up the gift!

Jamie and Emily.

This little guy is just a joy! He's the one whose parents are huge Georgia Bulldog fans. Whenever I say "Go Gators" he says, "we don't talk like that at our house!". It's precious!

Aww. My sweet girls!

Jamie has had a bit much birthday party. Here she's deep in thought with her thumb.

Bailey and Austin crash on the skateboard.


cw2smom said...

What a great party! I love it that your boys participated with having their faces painted! Great sports! Your pics are so nice and I LOVE that CAKE! Tooooo cute! "I'm getting four now!" Precious little girl!

Ken Riches said...

Love Jamie's freekles :o)

Glad she had a nice birthday.