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My People
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Thursday, July 22, 2010

day 40... there was sugar...

I've completed 40 full days of weight watchers... and for almost all of those days i avoided any sweet treats. But last night, I will admit to having one tiny sliver of kahlua cake... the tiniest of slices... you could almost see thru it... and it was awesome!

Last night I went to my friend Alisa's house for dinner. She lives on this sprawling piece of property in the valley with breathtaking mountain views. She has chickens and goats and a horse. She homeschools and cooks organic and knows how to shoot a gun - and frequently has to shoot at bears and coyotes and other natural predators in her corner of the world.

They're building their dream home on their property so I got to tour the house under construction. There's a beautiful wrap around porch with an amazing view. I'd spend my whole time out there! I went with her to the goat pen and got to visit with the girl goats... new experience for me. They're sort of like big dogs with horns.

There were four of us... my usual "hen party" girls from Wednesday night. We worked together to make dinner... pasta with chicken and fresh veggies... green tomatoes, pattypan squash, yellow and green zucchini, peppers, onions... fresh corn just off the cob... grape salad mixed with yogurt and lowfat cream cheese... and the aforementioned kahlua cake. It was an awesome dinner and really weight watchers friendly.

I went over my daily points for only the second time on weight watchers... but I just used a few of my flex points (which I never use and they are totally allowable and considered part of the plan) ... and enjoyed the moment. I ate within reason on the higher point things - the grapes and the cake - but I filled up on the veggies. I brought home leftover veggies to add to my own cooked pasta that I had in the fridge... that's what I had for breakfast this morning!

It's been a long week and I've got a serious case of the draggy butts this morning. Gotta get my glam on and get to the office... hope you all have an awesome Thursday!


Nancy said...

Isn't it an awesome feeling when you stay on plan & still are able to treat yourself and feel completely satisfied? Great job! :-)