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My People
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Friday, July 9, 2010

weekend countdown - short week edition

Heavens to Betsy this has been THE LONGEST short week ever! I am so sick of this week! I'm also more than a little cranky because I was kept up past my bedtime by three young men who have no daytime responsibilities so they were cooking... playing x-box... vacuuming... at midnight. Happy to know where my kid was... unhappy to have my precious sleep interrupted.

Consequently... today is a replay of Wednesday... headachey, draggy butt, exhaustion surrounding me like a thick blanket. Toss in some high 90's for temps and high humidity and I'm just a downright unhappy camper.

And. they. left. dirty dishes. in. my sink. ARGH! My perfectly clean sink.

Plans for this weekend include Weight Watchers tomorrow... I think I may be down two pounds officially, based on the happy scale reading this morning. My scale shows me down about ten pounds in the past month - which does help my grumpy mood to some degree. I'm taking great care today to make sure I don't consume any sodium or anything that has a tendency to take a long time to digest so I don't have any false bloat... I think that was my trouble last week. I had a huge - point friendly - but high in volume - dinner that I think was still with me. Oven fried flounder. It was awesome... but not the best "pre-weigh-in dinner".

Sunday I'll go to church. Really, I will. I promise. Because after church I will have the girls with me for the rest of the day so their mommy can go to Atlanta to pick up their daddy from the airport. After 24 LONG DAYS away, Bubba is finally coming home from Kenya! And because little girls don't much enjoy a long roundtrip airport ride and a wait for daddy to clear customs, etc... and because mommy and daddy deserve some uninterrupted confab on the way home.

Not sure what the girls and I will do. Jamie-gurl has been having some trouble with her allergies so I imagine it will depend on how she feels. I would like to see Despicable Me and I heard that it passed the Focus on the Family kid-friendly test so I think it would be ok. We'll see. We may just hang out at their house and play a few hours of Chutes and Ladders. Long as they don't cheat.

At any rate... the weeks are far too long, the weekends way too short... my housework is never done.... it's too hot outside... I'm chugging along with the weight loss but still frustrated at work... life is a mixture of good, bad and indifferent... but it's my life and I love it. Good and bad.


Anonymous said...

Love that last paragraph, Heather! It says, "It's my life ... and I'll take it!".

I'm SO glad that you love your life!