My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Thursday, July 1, 2010

it's time once again for thankful thursday!!!

i just had a baked sweet potato for breakfast... it was awesome, i am full and i am thankful.
i'm thankful that it's almost weekend... a three day weekend!
i'm thankful that i'm not doing what i was doing a year ago today - having my wisdom teeth out
and i'm thankful that i don't have bronchitis like i did a year ago... it was the beginning of the bronchitis/pneumonia odyssey that would not end
slight cough in the mornings but mostly, i'm well!
i'm thankful that it's payday
i'm thankful for an awesome day yesterday - very busy at work and then some precious time with the kids
i picked the girls up from gymnastics camp - they were so cute in their little pink leotards and cheer shorts!
we listened to dr. nightmare on my garmin - their favorite voice - they giggle every time he gives any directions
btw - still very, very thankful for my garmin - best gift ever!
we went by their house so they could change - and fit in a game of chutes and ladders (and they both tried to cheat - but i wouldn't let them)
we went to North Georgia BBQ - one of those places I haven't been eating lately - and instead of having ribs, fries, garlic bread, baked beans, banana pudding, sweet tea... i had one small bbq sandwich and water. and i was fine.
angie had choir rehearsal and the childcare has been spotty or non-existant so i pitched in... it was a good time to do book club with the girls... we found a shady spot beside the river where there were some benches and a rocking chair... and we read and chatted and drew pictures and giggled and ... it was rather idyllic. very peaceful, sweet, precious time.
jim has been gone for two weeks now and there's another ten days until he comes home. it's been hard on the girls... hard on angie... i was glad to be able to stand in the gap for him in some small way
my coffee this morning is really, really good. i gave up sugar in my coffee and i haven't missed it one tiny bit
it's amazing how easy some of these little changes can be
some are hard... like getting started with exercise. yesterday i mapped out a walking route that i can do on my lunch break - spoke with security at the local college near the office and got permission to walk there - and although i didn't have my workout clothes, i had my tennis shoes so i thought i'd try to walk some
i made it a half mile. that's it.
not because i couldn't walk but because i developed an atomic wedgie that threatened to do permanent damage. walking in skirt = bad idea. epic fail.
but... at least i know... i can change, drive over to the little quiet walking spot, walk for half an hour and still have time to eat and change back to my work clothes during my lunch hour.
totally doable.
i have to build these little routines into my day if i'm going to have long term success.
it was only when i changed my carefully structured routine (i.e. when i met mjd) that my journey got derailed last time. prior to that, i was on auto-pilot and seeing constant success.
ok... gotta grab a shower and get my glam on...
it's a good day.
happy thursday!