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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Monday, July 12, 2010

ten things about Monday

1. We didn't have staff meeting this morning which was nice. It's not that I don't like staff meetings.... they're ok... just too dang early... it's that it makes for a longer work day and if it were up to me, I'd have my Florida hours and Florida pay (which was about the same thing I make now... only there I only had to work 5 hours a day to make it) (and there was no state income tax) without my Florida drama.

2. I've been sick to my stomach all day. At times it's really - be still and stay cool - kind of nausea, like when you've had too much to drink (not that I'd... um.... know about that... of course) and at other times it's just a little naggravating (new word) like I need to drink a soda. So I'm drinking carbonated flavored sugar free water.

3. My scale is broken. I'm slightly panicked about that because there's no give in the budget for a new scale between now and August and I ABSOLUTELY MUST weigh every single day. It's my reality check. So... if anyone wants to donate an old scale... let me know. I promise to take REALLY good care of it.

4. Someone made $57 worth of fraudulent purchases on my debit card. I noticed them because I don't use my regular bank account for internet purchases and these were all internet purchases. I spent my nauseated lunch hour at the bank filling out the forms to have those funds reversed. It made me angry. Of course, I suspect one entitled little cell phoneless young man and I told the lady at the bank that was my fear... she said it's possible that he made one purchase under an unsecure site and it snowballed. That can happen. She encouraged my use of a walmart money card for anything that is done over the internet. Just. Argh!

5. My new facebook photo is of me and Purple Michael but it's cropped very attractively (I think)... the funny thing was that he started to message me to ask who the GUY was and if I was dating someone that he didn't know about. NOPE! Only gay guys and Barry in my life. And Barry isn't so much in my life... just on special occasions...

6. Sarabeth said something so incredibly precious and innocent and funny in the car yesterday and I can't for the life of me remember it! It's driving me crazy...

7. Austin wanted to bake cookies last night and needed an egg. I had boiled all the eggs and put them in the original carton. He cracked every. single. egg. trying to find one that wasn't boiled.

8. He was bummed that there was no junk food in the house so he ate grilled shrimp and sun dried tomato bread. OH HOW HE SUFFERS!

9. Austin leaves for Myrtle Beach on Saturday. I'm praying the fraudulent charges are put back into my account before then so I can give him some spending money for his trip. Last year I didn't have much to give him and he ran out of money. Of course, Jim and Angie are on the trip (and Jamie's leading it) so there's a safety net for him. The girls have been taught to ask him if he's wearing sunscreen. We've been practicing for weeks, "What do you say to Austin when you see him at the beach?" "ARE... YOU... WEARING... SUNSCREEN???" they answer in unison. He claims he never gets sunburned... just a little red.

10. Yesterday was so disjointed that I didn't get my exercise time in. I meant to do it while i was with the girls and I ended up not being there long since the flight ... and plans... were changed. When I got home I got busy doing other things and then Austin came home and then we were doing things and then... I fell asleep before 9pm. But that was about yesterday so let me think of one more thing about Monday...

11. I had more caprese salad for lunch.... 1 sliced tomato... fresh basil... one ounce of fresh mozzarella... 1/2 tablespoon olive oil... it was UH-mazing! Eating good is soooo easy!

Happy Monday.


Anonymous said...

wow you seem to be doing quite well.

Anonymous said...

Yay, you.

I think I'd have to make a point of telling Austin that I'd give him $57 more in spending money but that someone stole it.

I remember going to Myrtle Beach with your youth group. Do you realize that was 25 years ago?? I have a funny picture of you standing in front of some lame multi-colored car when we stopped at a McDonald's during the trip. I need to see if I can find that.

Lisa said...

I love your new hair!!! Very pretty!!! You are eating so healthy... it makes me want to do better and be more consistent in our meals too!! LOL I can see Austin cracking all those eggs looking for the one that wasn't hard boiled. Hope he has a great youth trip!!
Lisa in Kentucky