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My People
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Monday, July 5, 2010

monday's delicious randomness or delicious monday's randomness or monday's random deliciousness

delicious monday because i slept in until 7:15 which felt so incredibly indulgent!
delicious because the scale - she is moving, friends!
i've had a relaxing weekend, lots of chilling out and just enjoying myself... without spending money, which is also delicious
other than my little grocery money - which was about the equivalent of eating out 3-4 times (and how many people do that over a three day weekend?)
i've eaten well this weekend... i've enjoyed my food so much!
every time i hear "pay-per-view" advertised... in my head it sounds like "paper view" and i think, "isn't that like... a book?"
i'm reading ya-yas in bloom... one of the divine secrets of the ya-ya sisterhood books. it's cute. not a great literary work or anything, but that's ok
tcm has had some great movies on this weekend. last night i watched bye-bye birdie for the thousandth time... it's just a fun, fun movie! whenever i'm watching something on tcm, i look the movie up on wikipedia to get the background.
it's really pleasant here today. i understand nyc will be up near one hundred degrees- it's a very mild 65 degrees right now
i'm still trying to get up the nerve to walk around the neighborhood.
here's what i ate yesterday...
breakfast was a small peach & a plum chopped up and covered in peach yogurt - mmmm!
lunch was that fabulous caprese chickpea salad over two slices of flax bread and a huge bowl of watermelon
snack was 1 cup of pasta salad - whole wheat pasta with carrots and broccoli
dinner was a sliced purple sweet potato - baked into potato chips - with baked cod over spinach
then... later... for a treat... i broiled a banana- sprayed with butter spray, sprinkled with cinnamon and nutmeg and a tiny bit of brown sugar.... and then topped with frozen cool whip free. it's like bananas foster...
seriously... it was like eating at a spa... great flavors!
i took a stab at making tzatziki yesterday... with fresh dill and cucumber and greek yogurt... i think it will be good on my little turkey burgers
i'm going to make taboule today... and some carrot/zucchini slaw...
the thing is - i'm not exactly a great cook but most of what i'm doing isn't cooking so much as it is chopping, mixing, measuring, recording
the hardest part is making sure these cold salads that i make are recorded into my recipe builder on and making sure i know how many servings there are so i can rightly divide the points
it's a little extra work but ultimately, so very worth it
today i'm thinking about doing "brunch" for myself - a frittata and some watermelon, i think... gotta research a good recipe
of course, with all this fiber and all this water, i'm spending more time in the potty than usual... and for some reason the kitties think we need to bond in the "litter box" - like it's a group effort
bitty kitty has also decided that the shelf next to my nest should be completely clear, except for the cup i'm drinking from
he climbs up on it... and pushes anything and everything off to the floor... and then looks all satisfied. he doesn't sit there. just gets up long enough to clear it off. he doesn't play with the things he knocks off - just makes sure they hit the floor. it's the oddest thing. but he is an odd little kitty.
he loves for austin to hold him on his back with his head slightly upside down and rub his chin
right now both kitties are exploring a patch of sunshine that has presented itself on my bed
they're having a great monday, too.
the best thing about having monday off is that it's followed by a 4 day work week!
yes... monday is delicious...
gonna find a frittata recipe and get started on that brunch.
happy day, y'all!


Anonymous said...

Kevin passed through the room while I was reading your post about the fritatta. All the way from across the room he says, "Is that what we're having for dinner tomorrow night? That looks good!!"