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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

tantrum tuesday

I'm changing Whiny Wednesday into Tantrum Tuesday...

Bitty Kitty is missing. He was so afraid of "outside"... he would tremble if you carried him out. He loved to watch out the window (which is why I'm STILL missing a set of blinds in my front window) but he would never step a paw outside the door. Yet... somehow... he's gotten out of the house and we can't find him. Our house feels so empty without him... Stubby the 3legged Wondercat has howled all night. He keeps coming up to me as if to say, "Mommy, where is our boy?" Stubby slept in Bitty's usual spot on the bed last night. I gave Stubbs a little catnip tea to help settle him down. We miss our boy.

Hopefully... he's just sowing his wild oats and will find his way back home soon. Then I'll tether him to the house... little Tomcat. There are bears and coyotes and mean dogs and who knows what else lurking around here, though. I'm trying to not freak out... to trust him, like I trust everything else in my life, to God's hand. I hold things (and people) loosely because nothing is guaranteed - the only thing that is eternal is God. But Bitty has been a good companion and I will miss him...

That's complaint number one.

Number two is my stupid pinky toe that apparently wishes to abdicate from my body. In 2006 that toe got smacked and whacked and separated from it's peers so many times I lost count. I don't know for sure how many times it's been dislocated and how many times it's been actually broken. It's permanently deformed. Yesterday... I tripped up on my step stool - you know, the one that caused the "shinjury" a few months ago. Great, very solid wood step stool. Hurts like the dickens when you kick it. And then... this morning... in the dark... I kicked it again. Same foot, different toe. Good times.

Third complaint is that as a result of my sleeping lightly due to missing Bitty... and Stubbs hollering all night... and due to my satellite being out for two hours and taking away my sleeping noise... I have been up since 3am. This is no kinda week for me to get behind on my sleep with Marathon Thursday on the way. I'm so frustrated.

And then... the stupid coffee pot that I thought Austin had fixed... didn't work this morning. So I'm only semi-caffeinated.

Number 5... Austin made cookies late last night and left the mess all over my kitchen that I have worked SOOOOO HARD to keep clean. (I will confess to eating a cookie - one of my old weaknesses and you know what? It wasn't good. Not that he didn't do a good job with the recipe... it was too sweet, too greasy and completely unsatisfying.)

Ok... I think those are all my complaints so far today.

Happy Tuesday, y'all. Really, I mean it.

OH! BUT THERE IS GOOD NEWS!!! Unofficially I am down 12 pounds! I've been concentrating on eating 3-5 of my "extra points" every day - putting me at between 28-30 points - which translates roughly to 1400-1500 calories per day. I'm eating more and losing more. That's good stuff.


slj said...

Hope you find bitty kitty today:)
Great job on the weight loss..