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My People
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Saturday, July 31, 2010

my lovely, lazy, 5% saturday

If you notice the ticker above this entry... you will see that I have no achieved 5% weight loss! More like... blew that sucker out of the water! I lost 2.2 pounds this week! Partly due to Candice's suggestion that I eat MORE to keep my metabolism going... and it worked! I've been eating between 25-30 points per day instead of keeping it between 22 and 25. I'm eating more and losing more... even though I slacked a bit on exercise this week. Gotta love that! My total weight loss is 12.8 pounds... I just need 8.2 pounds to get my first ten percent! Today is day 50 on Weight Watchers and I'm still going strong!

My friend at Weight Watchers brought me some quinoa... she made a trip to Whole Foods last night and thought of me and my quinoa search. SOoooo... today I made quinoa salad... two and a half cups of cooked quinoa (cooled), 1 cup of chopped cucumber, 1 cup of chopped tomato, finely chopped onion and green pepper, lime juice, lemon juice and olive oil. YUM!

After WW we walked next door to the little farmer's market. Really little. Like... six farmers. But... they had beautiful heirloom tomatoes (laughing at the comment from yesterday talking about me talking about my food as beautiful... it really is!) and a huge bunch of purple and green basil and fresh corn on the cob and little green bell peppers that taste more like bell pepper than anything I've had in a long time.

Then I stopped by the local grocery store and bought garlic (to make roasted garlic. MMMM!) and nut crisp crackers (cuz I wanted something crunchy) and more of those fabulous cocoa roasted almonds that I used for my snack last week... and it seems like there was something else but I don't remember.

This afternoon I made pesto. I wasn't as happy with mine as I was with the pesto I tried last week. I made some green spaghetti... whole wheat pasta with pesto. Packed up for later.

My parents gave me their food processor because I could never get the mini one that I bought to work. I couldn't get theirs to work either. Apparently I'm really not mechanically inclined. Really not. SO... I opened up the box with the mini one and broke out the directions, hoping to find a clue that would help me figure out theirs... and I saw a step I had missed while trying to use the mini one... I did it... and it worked. So... I'll pack theirs back up and give it back to them. The mini one is perfect for the portion size that I need and easy to clean.

For breakfast I had almonds and then roasted garlic on the nut crackers. Not very hungry. Then I had broiled orange roughy with broiled tomatoes for lunch. Haven't had dinner yet... maybe the quinoa salad. Or green spaghetti.

The weather has been so mild today. It was supposed to be pushing 100 but we've had rain showers off and on all day and it's a comfy 76 degrees right now. Perfect for a walk... but I'm feeling lazy. I should walk while it's pleasant. I really should. But... like I mentioned earlier... just sort of feeling blah, no appetite, sort of dragging. Maybe I just needed a lazy day. Tomorrow I'll kick it back in gear... go to church... work out afterwards...

Tonight... it's me, the laptop, the remote and a stack of good books. Happy Saturday, y'all!


Remo said...

I'm sure you've noticed that with changing your diet away from processed killer-carbo food, your appetite has decreased in terms of cravings for crappy food. You are eating a more paleo-type diet which is the way we evolved to eat. It's all good.