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My People
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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Cross-Stitch Weekly Update

I've had a migraine since last night. Last night it included the whole nausea, dizziness... all that fun stuff. I fell asleep super early for me. I also forgot to record Big Brother After Dark so... boo hiss. This morning the headache is still there but I'm not sick to my stomach as much. I was able to eat breakfast and take more meds.

 I didn't go to the pharmacy to pick up my prescription for my kidney infection on Tuesday because I know that the dr at the clinic is a little slow at calling them in. I forgot to go Wednesday and didn't feel like going on Thursday so when my parents went to town yesterday, they went to pick them up for me and the prescriptions weren't there - never got called in, apparently. The doctor isn't back in the clinic until Tuesday so... no meds until then. I took what was left from an old prescription and after four doses my stomach was so torn up I couldn't keep water in me. Which is what I told the doctor on Tuesday - antibiotic pills don't do well in my system which is why I get antibiotic shots when something is wrong. OF course, the clinic doesn't do shots. It sucks to be poor and sick. I do have the appointment at the Health Department on Wednesday so if I haven't gotten meds by then, I'll see if they can prescribe.

I'm taking Austin's girlfriend to the Health Department on Monday for blood work. She doesn't drive and her parents are working. I don't mind being the designated driver.
I mainly wanted to show my progress on my cross-stitch family tree project because I've worked hard in the past week.

Here is after week one:

And week two:

And here's the end of week three:

That banner at the base of the boxes? Took an entire day. You can't tell but you had to leave out stitches that will spell "family" in three different colors so not only was I stitching the very light off white stitches which are hard to see, but I had to be super careful to leave out the right stitches.

The two boxes at the bottom are all that same off white color and they took forever to stitch in.

The vines around the outside look much better now that I've added the leaves but they took three days  - THREE DAYS! - to put in. This piece is 16x20 inches so it's a lot, lot of stitches. I'm loving it so much and get excited after each part is completed. I think if it turns out well, I'm going to try to photograph it and have the photos printed at the same size of the project so that anyone in the fam who wants a copy can have one.

I initially estimated six weeks to complete and I'm still thinking... maybe... but all the lettering is going to be difficult so it will depend on how long it takes me to figure out how to center the names in the boxes.

I haven't touched Farmville2 in over a week and don't miss it yet. I've been filling in the time by taking history courses at Khan Academy online. I've also been watching more youtube videos. I feel good about making the decision to cut that Farmville2 time-suck out of my day, even though I enjoyed it. It got to be too much work.

And I guess that's about all the news for today. Hope you have a great weekend! Love and hugs!


Wendy in Oz said...

The cross stitch looks awesome Heather. Can't wait to see the finished product.