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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Monday, August 18, 2014


Just popping in to verify that I am still among the living.

Cody, Marquee and a bunch of their friends came up to visit this weekend (and I took not one single photo!) so I've been spending more time with the three-dimensional people and less time in cyber-land. When we were a young couple in our early twenties we LOVED taking little weekend getaways. But because we were a young couple in our twenties we couldn't AFFORD to go anywhere! Fortunately for Cody and Marquee, he has grandparents who live in a place where many people from Atlanta like to go for weekend getaways and there's enough room for them to bring friends along with them. So this weekend we had a half dozen twenty-somethings hanging around, tubing the Hooch and swimming in the lake. Pop made bbq chicken, corn on the cob and potato salad for dinner. I added a caprese salad. Then my parents pulled out their half dozen half gallons of ice cream that they have stashed between the freezer upstairs and the freezer in the shed for dessert. (I'm not the only one filling that freezer with treats!) They had a little ice cream parlor going complete with gummy bears and caramel sauce and so forth. And then Sunday morning Cody got up and fixed a big breakfast for us all. I think we offer a pretty cool Bed and Breakfast experience and I'm glad that the kids all like to come up to visit. I got in lots of grandpuppy love, too.

Saturday night we watched Connie and Carla - a super cute movie with the girl who was in my Big Fat Greek Wedding. Lots of showtunes in it so it was perfect for me. Basically these two girls witness a murder and end up going undercover by pretending to be drag queens. It's a tired premise, for sure, but a cute movie.

Austin is still spending most of his time with his girlfriend, Tasha. Mom and Dad were on the way to the doctor one day last week and they passed a really bad wreck between a car and a van. The van was from the company that we use for our HVAC stuff. Tasha's dad works for them. As soon as they said it was one of that company's vans, I just knew it was Tasha's dad... and it was. He was banged up but not seriously hurt. The car was driven by a lady who had her two girls with her and they were all hurt pretty bad. It was all over the local news. And by "all over" I mean it was on the local news website - and it was in the little weekly newspaper and a lot of people had it on Facebook, which is the way folks up here get their local news. Around here you're never more than two degrees of separation away from anyone so, of course, I have several friends who are friends with the family in the car and I've been able to follow along with their progress. It's going to be a long, long road ahead for them to get well. From all accounts the car turned in front of the van and that's what it looks like based on my experience with auto accidents.

This week Ryan and Sara are in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and I'm jealous. Not that I enjoy sand or being in the ocean... but I do love to look at all and eat seafood. And I'd love to see my kid. So I wish I was there. But then again... heat... sand... frizzy, unruly beach hair... I'm probably right where I need to be.

I'm at the final stage of my cross stitch project, doing the names. It is hard, hard, tedious work figuring the spacing on the names and all. It's going to be awesome when it's finished but this is definitely the worst part.

I have been having trouble staying comfortable at night so I'm not sleeping well. I saw every hour on the clock last night and every time there was a different cat sleeping at the foot of my bed. It was fairly comical but the waking up constantly was not funny at ALL!

Anyways... that's what's happening with me and mine right now. Hope your week is starting well. Love and hugs, y'all!


Wendy in Oz said...

Sounds like you had an awesome weekend with the middle child! I'm looking forward to that in a few weekends time when I meet my middle child for his birthday weekend in Melbourne to go and see Les Mis! Don't know if I'm more excited about seeing him or the show!...xx