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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Counting Our Blessings - Lots of Pictures!

Side note before I begin: my grandbabies are - in my not-so-humble opinion - the most adorable babies on Earth and I really hoped to capture the essence of their fabulousness by taking a couple hundred pictures of them hoping to get one or two framers and a Christmas card photo. And then ultimately, in the end my favorite pictures are the ones where they're both confused or overwhelmed or when Nana has crazy eyes from trying to be animated enough for the babies to smile because those are how life really is with two babies. Such a crazy kind of wonderful! All of these pictures have already been shared on Facebook.

I'll start with the part I know several of you are concerned with... we don't have results back from my mom's biopsy last week. I thought we were going to hear something yesterday but it turned out that yesterday was the earliest we would have heard and... they're not in yet. Other than that... and a migraine that is making itself a bit too much at home in my head... we had a lovely Thanksgiving.

We did our traditional Thanksgiving dinner at home and Austin/Tasha/Cosette, Jim/Angie/Sarabeth/Jamie and Aunt Ginger/Uncle Carl joined us. We had 8 pies for 12 people. I did my dead level best to not let them go to waste. Instead they went to waist... mine. Cosette wore an adorable little outfit and I took about a hundred pictures of her in it because she was so durn cute. Hardly any pictures of anyone else there... no food pictures... just pictures of Cosy in her outfit.

And here is where she started tiring of posing for hundreds of pictures...

 Her pacifier and Nana's phone made everything better, as per usual. 

Cheesing with Nana right before the blessing.

I promise other people were there. Here's a picture of my mom and her two sisters:

Since we're trying not to expose Ollie to cats until he's old enough to be able to take benadryl if he has a reaction we gathered for another family get together on Saturday at Jim and Angie's house. The only pet they have is a bird since my niece Jamie has pet allergies. We did a brunch spread with cinnamon rolls from the Country Bake Shoppe, fruit, leftover pie and I bought a huge nugget tray from ChickFilA. I ate one single nugget. That's it. Not that I was dieting.. I was just obsessed with my babies and taking pictures of them. I wanted to get a picture of me with them to use for a Christmas card and to be honest... by the time we got around to trying to take Christmas card pictures I was a sweaty mess and my makeup was all smudged and my hair was a bird's nest. I got some great photos that I'm going to treasure forever because of who is in them but I'm not sure I got any I'd put in the mail. (Doesn't mean I won't share them will all dozen of my blog readers!)

My favorite pictures are the ones where the babies notice each other. Neither one has spent much time around other kids, especially babies, so they both are completely baffled with each other. Cosette wants to hug every baby doll or stuffed animal that crosses her path. I think she thinks Ollie is just a big - well, life-sized - doll. She signs "want" by sort of waving back at herself. You'll notice in a few of these pictures that she's signing that she wants to hold baby Ollie.... who weighs as much as she does. Also... about baby clothing sizes... she is solidly in six months clothes as is Ollie. The Christmas outfits I bought them - his is by Carter's and is six months size and fits perfectly. Her's is from Baby Elephant (I think) and was a six-nine months because I figured being 7-8 months during Christmas season that would work. Her's is huge on her. I think I'm going to take a few stitches on the shoulders to make it fit better. Anyways... how cute are they when they look at each other? 

 This one really cracked me up because she was fascinated with his socks (she won't wear socks, just like her dad) and he is really confused by the big bow she's wearing. 

There are more pictures on my Facebook page if you'd like to look.

This week I am preparing for Dental Drama Part Deux which I'm assured is not going to be nearly as traumatic or painful. I hope not. One tooth that the dentist thought he could save isn't going to work so that one has to come out. It's in the same part of my jaw where he had a hard time getting two others out last time (which is why I was in so much stinking pain). He's got a game plan for there to be less trauma this time but the anxiety is definitely higher for me this go around. Then in January he'll pull the ones that have to come out on the other side and THEN he'll start building up the ones we can save. I'll say it again... I love my dentist. He's really put a lot of time and thought into this. The girls in his office are really sweet and they work hard to keep me comfortable.

I have a doctor's appointment on Thursday and was supposed to have a lab appointment this morning but I didn't feel up to driving with the headache and had a couple of swigs of gatorade this morning before I remembered/realized that I was having lab work done. We'll do lab and doctor on Thursday.

And I guess that's about it for now. I'll update with more news on my mom whenever we get it and I've got some Christmas decorations going up this week. Austin and Tasha and Cosette are moving in with us this week... more about that next time! Love and hugs, y'all!


monique said...

Those babies are adorable. Looks like he is catching up to his cousin. I love her headbands. Too cute!

Anonymous said...

Bless your heart. Sorry to hear about the migraines, I call them invisible killers. You didn't mention any other ailments rearing their head up during your get together, I hope they were minimal at the least. You looked good and the out pouring of love on the babies is amazing.

Sounds like you had a wonderful Holiday x2, especially with the little ones that are beyond adorable.

Many prayers still for your mom and prayers for less pain & no complications on your dental work.

Warm Regards