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My People
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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

News Day Tuesday

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What if I started blogging every day again? What if I could fall back into a pattern like, "Reasons to Love Monday" and "News Day Tuesday" and "Whiny Wednesday" and so on and so forth? What if I could manage that... I have felt like I didn't have enough to say to blog that frequently but things have been a bit more noteworthy lately. Would you want to hear from me every day? Would you read here every day? I think I might like to be able to look back to this time and see what I was thinking along the way. So here's all the stuff that's fit to blog about today and probably a few things that aren't.

Biggest news... Cosy's mama hired a lawyer. Our hope is that having a paid professional will help her come to a more realistic understanding of how the court allows fathers to have visitation with their children. The immediate impact for us is that the new lawyer has a conflict on the day that we had mediation scheduled so that has to be rescheduled. It's not likely to be scheduled before we go to court on the 15th which means that we may or may not (not likely) get things sorted that day. Hopefully we can at least complete the legitimation so that we can request an emergency order for visitation. We hope. I'm trying to work out a visit with Cosy in the meantime.

Austin completed his parenting class today. It's not HUGE news but it's required for all parents who go through a custody case, just like the mediation. Austin's been working really hard to get his life in order to prepare for having Cosette in his life. He's kept his room really clean, for example. We've made long term plans for where she will sleep and just had a good time planning for their life. When it seems like the time is dragging by so slowly and we literally just ache to have things resolved, we focus on the future and all the opportunities we will have to share in her life. I think he found the parenting class... um.... interesting. I told him it would be fun to make a game out of it and take a shot every time they cover a topic that has been handled inappropriately in Cosette's case. He's not much of a drinker but he did find quite a few things that were interesting/ironic.

In my continuing effort to avoid broadcast news i.e. the Democratic National Convention, this morning I watched Sports Center instead of Fox and Friends. I missed sweet Steve Doocey and his son Peter but I just can't take any Hillary this week. I'm at the breaking point. I finished all of Grace and Frankie and started watching Jane the Virgin. Jane is done like a parody of a telenovella - a young woman - a virgin - is accidentally inseminated with the sperm of her boss. It's such a far reach of a plot but it's quite entertaining and I'm binge-watching my little heart out. I'm going through a Netflix series about every 2-3 days. I hope there are enough to keep me entertained until November. Any suggestions?

Today for breakfast I had yogurt, green grapes and an english muffin. For lunch... steamed green beans with leftover rotisserie chicken. For dinner we had roast, potatoes and carrots. I'm back to drinking water as my primary beverage but like to have chai tea with a little cream and sugar in the morning. And of course, my Luigi's Mango Italian Ice. I'm hoarding it.

Pain wise... today the left shoulder is screaming, the left hip hates me and my piriformis syndrome - (it's a nerve compression that makes you feel like you're always sitting on a really thick wallet) - well, it's gotten a bit better. It was really out of control after our last court appearance and I was afraid it was permanently ruined but it's finally a little better today. I'm having lower back spasms that take my breath away and cramping in my right hand and left wrist. Quite honestly, just your average Tuesday but at least I didn't have to leave the house since Austin was off work.

Our upstairs deck remodel is almost finished... and tomorrow the painters come to start working on painting the decks and the dock, I think. We're just a beehive of activity!

So that's my Tuesday. Hope yours was far more interesting! Love and hugs!


Annie said...

I love Jane the virgin. Rogelio is super funny. Try watching Stranger things. It's great. Also Nikita on Netflix. Take care. Annie

Anonymous said...

what can u do for the hip pain. I am having the same problem.

monica said...

Yes, I would read your blog daily.
I think a lot of people would.