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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Whiny Wednesday

HEYYYYY! Three days of blogging in a row!!! How'dya like me now?

Actually. I almost forgot my intention to be a daily blogger again. It has been an eventful day here but despite the title I can't really whine today. If you're friends with me on Facebook you already know that my Cosy girl came by to play for a little while today!!! It was... supervised visitation, I suppose... her mom and grandma came along. And Austin wasn't here so he didn't get to see her and he is really hurting.

So if there is a whine from today, it's that a mama can only be as happy as her saddest child and he is heartbroken. Cosy has taken her first steps and he missed it. This is such a precious time in her life and he will never get it back. Her entire month of being 14 months is lost to him, as of Friday. It will always be a time we look back on with regret.

That being said... it did my Nana heart so much good to see her and watch her walking. She was a little hesitant when they came through the door but then she saw Oscar and said, "Ooof!" And wanted to get down to his level. Then she saw her toys in Mawmaw's living room... Then she saw Little Kitty and started making the clicking sound that I make to call the cats. She remembers! She chased him into the kitchen still doing her monkey crawl. I asked her what sound the cat makes and she said, "Hiiiisssssss". LOL! She's been around some mean cats lately apparently. Actually I think her moms cat runs and hides if there is any human around. Anyways... Little Kitty headed downstairs so I took Cosy for a ride on my Acorn Stairlift down to my living room. OOOF! CATS! TOYS! Oh Boy! She immediately went to the shelf where I keep her toys and the first toy she reached for..... Raggedy Ann! Guess what Nana's buying her real soon? The Biggest Best Raggedy Ann I can find.

They stayed for about an hour. I crawled around on the floor playing with Cosy. Cosy actually stood up and walked... she took lots of steps in a row. She is legit walking! My mom got a few pictures. I got a few pictures. There was no unpleasantness. No discussions of hearings and mediations and custody or any of the ugliness of the past few weeks. We were just Mothers, Daughters and Grandmothers all admiring the same sweet little girl. Ultimately, that's what this "divorced" parenting situation is like... we may not all feel the same about each other as we did on the day Cosette was born but we all still feel the same way - and more - about Cosette. Our problem is that too many people love her and want to have her in their life as much as possible. Loving her means building a world for her that accommodates all of these people who love her, making sure she can spend time with her daddy on his days off. Making sure she can come over when family, especially her baby cousins, come from out of town. Give her the comfort and security she feels with her mama... but expanding her world enough to include a father who loves her with his entire heart and our huge, diverse family who can all bring special things to her life.

In short: I have hope. And for those of you who saw the pictures and left comments and even just liked the pictures... I know that your hearts agree with mine, that you want her in my life, you understand how precious she is to me - to us - to all of us. Please continue to pray because we are going to have to sit down and come to a place of agreement. We have to negotiate legal documents that will be the framework for how her little life is going to be structured. There's a lot of work to do. There's a lot of hurt attached to this process. I just pray that we get through it without any more hurt... and that we can all cooperate and that each family will see the value of the other family and that we can support and encourage one another.

Also today... we had our decks and dock pressure washed. That was a noisy annoyance all day but I didn't have to leave the house so... YAY! We had steak and mashed potatoes for dinner (yum) I had frozen chicken sandwiches from White Castle for lunch. They were only sorta ok. For breakfast I had one fried egg, two pieces of bacon and an english muffin. Low on fruits and veg today. Better grab a handful of grapes for my snack. The animals were out of sorts because they couldn't go out to the screen porches. I'll take some "after" photos tomorrow so you can see the changes to our decks.

And now I'm watching Big Brother and then I'm getting back to my binge watching Jane the Virgin. I have found a few more series I'm interested in watching on Netflix. I may be able to boycott broadcast news at least through August! I'm breaking the 24 hour news cycle addiction, y'all!

Painwise today - again the left shoulder is hurting. Right butt check in spasm. Not as fun as you might think. Lower back pain spreading to the left hip something fierce. Ankles and feet hurting today because... you know... it just happens. Pain can strike anywhere and it often does.  This morning I used the cane and then tucked it away before Cosy came. Didn't want to confuse her or be hampered.

Thanks for your love and support, especially in our efforts to reunite Cosette with her dad. Please keep their relationship in prayer. He loves his daughter so very much. Everything he does in life is for her. Hope you're all well! Love and hugs!


Anchoredwife said...

I'm so glad she brought her over. That shows maturity. I am so sad daddy missed his baby girl. As a parent, I couldn't imagine not having access 24-7 to a child I created and love. I don't think I could take it. But hopefully, clearer heads prevail for baby girl's sake and the entire family.

Anonymous said...

Great , Great news on seeing your baby grand daughter, Cosy!!
Congrats. Although supervised , its a start.


I bet she is a love!

monica said...

I really truly hope this all works out with your baby girl.
The fact that you had a good visit is a positive.
I'm sure this will take some time to get into a decent routine with
visits etc.
Keep the faith!

p.s. I love your ice stash from the previous post, Nice : )