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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Photo Dump - Week In Review

It's Sunday afternoon and I'm binge watching Criminal Minds.
Marvin is working.
Austin is at the ER getting treated for staph infection (same general area, new wound) and is getting a massive dose of antibiotics.
I had several things that I meant to share with you over the past week that I haven't yet so...

<------ angle="" best="" but="" cosy="" it="" me="" my="" nbsp="" not="" of="" p="" photo="" sweet.="" took="" was="" yesterday.=""> This was my blood pressure this morning. I went two days without two of my medicines and oddly enough, without those, my blood pressure went down. It could just be coincidence. At this point I'm looking for anything and everything that could possibly be the magic fix for my bp. I am working SO HARD at eating healthy, whole foods without preservatives or high sodium content. I'm still struggling with getting in enough fluid but I'm trying.

Trying out CBS All Access to have access to the Big Brother Live Feeds for a little bit of time this Summer. I'm not one hundred percent sold on this year's edition and cast of Big Brother but there are a few characters that I'm interested in so I'm watching it for now. I also thought it would be fun to binge watch a few of the CBS shows that I haven't watched or have only seen parts of because I watch SOOOO much tv. The site is not as easy to navigate as Netflix. I didn't think I could watch old episodes but then I found a way... it's just weird.

Cody received a huge honor this past week... he is working for a new company and has only been there for two or three months. Last week they awarded him as their Rookie of the Year for the past year - even though he was only there for a few months of it! My kids are good at whatever they do. It's pretty amazing. Cody has all these specialized certifications on life safety systems like fire alarms and sprinklers and that sort of thing. The company he was working for was really falling apart. There were weeks that they would barely have one day of work for him. This new company recruited him and have really taken great care of him and that makes mama happy.

As I mentioned earlier, Austin had to go to the ER today. He has another wound like the one last week... it's a staph infection. They got him started on some major antibiotics. Poor kid. He can't work tomorrow. I've got to decide if I want to try to get Cosy tomorrow while I have the car so she can see her daddy a little bit or if it would be better just to let him rest and get well and I'll get Cosy on Tuesday, like usual and it just be me and her.

All of a sudden with Cosy in just the past week it's like someone switched the light on for her with the whole potty thing. I just stopped asking if she had to go and told her she was the boss of her teetee. I still put her in big girl undies because... Nana don't play that pull-up crap. She's not had a single accident out of the three days we had her last week. Every single time she had to go she told us, we helped to the potty and she went in the potty. She has been so freaking proud of herself for it, too!

I finally got all my meds yesterday. Cody went and picked them up in Flowery Branch for me. I was up most of the night Thursday night and ALL night Friday night. I went ahead and picked Cosy up when she woke up - 7:30am yesterday- even though I was a freaking zombie - because it's so important to me that the babies spend time together. I knew Oliver would be disappointed if he came up and Cosy wasn't here. I posted lots of pictures of them on my Facebook and Instagram yesterday but I'm posting a few more for my records here and for those who don't do the other social media things.

Pool that Marvin bought them. I think Marvin needs a grandpa name but he gives me a major eye roll on it. He really is just the sweetest ever to these babies. Honestly, he couldn't be any sweeter if he birthed them himself. 




Further back in the week... pictures from my Spa Night, Wednesday night at Marvin's (while he was working)

  ceviche and tostadas

I ran this photo through the Prisma App and I like the way it turned out... sweet baby girl washing dishes.

I slept great last night from like... 6:30 to 7 this morning with a few interruptions in sleep to go potty. Then I laid back down and took a nap at 11. I've just been really run down. I am still feeling really fatigue and having a hard time moving around but I feel like I'm on the right track now.

And one last thing... the invitation to Oliver's 3rd birthday party. His mama and grandma hand made the invitations. It's a Toy Story theme so they're made to look like an etch a sketch. I absolutely adore them! It's hard to show in a photograph but they are 3-D.

Hope you're having a great weekend! Love and hugs, y'all!


Dutch said...

I love reading your blog and I know I never really comment but those babies are so adorable. I was just thinking about asking you about Purple Michael when you posted something a few weeks ago about him.
I hope that you can get your blood pressure under control. I am on meds for mine and struggle with the healthy eating part.
Have a great week.

monica said...

Great pics!
I knew Cosy would get the hang of the potty. It just had to click.
I probably will get the BB live feeds. The CBS app, sucks. I think/hope it will be a good season.
Love the Toy Story invite. So cute:)
Have a good one. Monica