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My People
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Monday, July 2, 2018

Reasons To Love Newman - I Mean, Monday

Sometimes do you feel like greeting Monday like they used to greet Newman on Seinfeld? Hello... Monday. You sorry worthless miserable day. (she says while still in her pajamas and in bed). For me... any day can feel like Monday because my view only changes when I'm down at Marvin's for our "weekend" which ends up being Wednesday and Thursday. Friday is his Monday and it's usually his longest day although they really worked him like a dog yesterday... something like 12 hours. I hear from him the least amount on Monday because he's working at the radio station and he can't like... just chat with me randomly throughout the day like he does on Saturday and Sunday.

But this blog is about me... so let's talk about my hatred for Monday. I only hate Monday in the context that I hate feeling how I feel today which has nothing to do with Monday and everything to do with pushing myself too hard and having a body that doesn't cooperate. I could feel as much contempt for any day I wake up feeling this way and it does happen on days besides Monday. However... this blog originated from the viewpoint of a working girl and no matter what's happening in your life, there are reasons to hate AND LOVE any day of the week... but I just happen to have focused on Reasons To Love Monday and so that is what we're going to do today... and I'm sorry it took me two long paragraphs to get to that point.

1. I think it's possibly not quite as hot as it has been around here. If you're suffering from the awful heatwave we've been having and you hate heat as much as I do... I'm so sorry! Hang in there! We're about to check off the 4th of July and then it's just a few more weeks of baking until Labor Day and we'll be well on our way to reasonable weather before you know it. Not wishing my life away... just wishing this heat away. I'm so tired of sticking to every surface I sit down on.

2. The best Reason To Love Monday for me today is that I have literally barely moved all day. The house has been blissfully quiet and what noise there was, I have drowned it out with my window a/c unit. I've stayed curled up like the Princess and the Pea on a stack of pillows and cushy blankets and I've just allowed my body to heal from the abuse it suffered over the weekend and from getting my sleep cycles and medicine cycles out of sync. Cosy is doing so great with going potty but when she announces "I have to teetee" I have about thirty seconds to get her to the ONLY POTTY she will use in our house which is on the top floor. It has the little ring insert so she doesn't fall in and it's the only potty she trusts. Twice on Saturday I had to take off running from outside and carry her (not so tiny) dripping wet swimsuit covered body up the stairs to the upstairs potty and get that wet swimsuit peeled off of her before she peed herself. Not good for my back.

3. This may take me a second to figure out how to make it a Reason To Love but... I got a call from the nurse at my doctor's office today. She was really angry at ME for saying my prescription didn't get called in on Friday when she specifically talked to the pharmacist at Walmart herself. I don't fill prescriptions at Walmart. Never have, never will. It's not in my file... and believe me, they ask me every single time I go in to see that doctor, "where do you get your prescriptions filled?" Rite Aid in Cleveland.  I didn't mention Walmart in any of the times I talked to her on Friday and... beyond that... I provided her with the phone number to MY PHARMACY about twelve times in the course of our conversations on Friday. I was really upset about the way things were handled on Friday and I'm still, honestly, not happy with what happened but it really made me want to curse and throw things when she said it was my fault for telling her to call it in to Walmart. I GAVE HER THE PHONE NUMBER TO THE CORRECT PHARMACY. She never would admit her fault and it's a touchy thing dealing with a pain doctor. They can drop you for any reason and once one doctor's office drops you, it's very difficult to find another who will prescribe pain meds for you. SO my Reason To Love Monday today is that I kept my cool on the phone with that lunatic who appears to have lost touch with reality and seems to forget that my insurance is helping to pay her salary.

Moving on.

4. I love Monday this week because on Friday I did a big food shop (previously mentioned) and prepared lots of good, healthy, fresh food that I have been able to enjoy all weekend and still have plenty for the next couple of days. Trying to figure out what to eat is never easy for me because ... tired ... pain ... no appetite... etc... so having food ready to eat already... it's like living at the Buffet! It makes me excited about putting together other healthy meals and eating fresh, whole food which is what I really prefer anyways!

5. That didn't stop me from sending money so that Austin can bring me home some fries from Creekside Deli because they literally have the best fries in all of White County. I know that's a bold statement but I'm prepared to stand behind it. Best fries in White County - Creekside Deli. Tell them Heather sent you.

6. On this day a year ago we had to take my mom to the hospital via ambulance and it was scary and sad and all those things. Two days later she was completely altered mentally and we never really got "her" back. I miss her so much. Last year this day was really hard and this year it's not and that's a great Reason to Love this day and any day you're not making life changing health decisions for someone you love.

7. I bought new shampoo and conditioner to try this week and I'm going to try it tomorrow. I'm really looking forward to it. It's almost the time of year where I need to just give up on flat ironing my hair because it just really doesn't last long because the humidity makes a mess out of me. Marvin likes my hair, "big" but for me it's such a fine line between "big" and "messy"... we'll just see. But at least when I don't flat iron it, it smells better. The flat iron makes it really stink.

8. Austin had to miss work today on doctor's orders because of his staph infection but he's hoping to work tomorrow. I'm going to probably get Cosy tomorrow and let her hang out with me anyways. She gave her mama a hard time today but she's been really sweet for me. I do end up going up and down the stairs a gazillion times when she's here but she will also just sit forever and watch these weird toy opening / playing with toys videos on YouTube. Some of them are sort of educational - they teach colors and shapes and stuff. She's absolutely hooked on them. As long as she's still like that and not up and down the stairs all day, I can handle her. I enjoy her ALL of the time, no matter how tired I am or how bad I hurt but I have to be realistic about my limitations and it's not fair to Marvin for me to go down there already exhausted.

8 1/2 I ordered her a new pack of undies yesterday and they come tomorrow and there are so many little cute undies in it! She comes over in a pullup and I send her back in undies and they somehow never find their way back to my house so although I have probably bought three dozen pairs of little panties in the past year, I have zero left. Stocking up feels nice. And I'm glad we need to. And I'm glad I'm not buying diapers or pullups.

9. Reason to Love Monday number nine - tomorrow is DATE NIGHT! I have no idea what we're doing but Marvin isn't playing ball tomorrow night (he's taking the Summer off and maybe... a little longer) and he isn't working Wednesday night because of the 4th and so we're going to have lots of time together this week! As usual, I don't care if we stay in bed and watch tv for 48 hours straight as long as he feeds me once or twice a day. I sleep best at his house, I am most relaxed at his house and I miss him!

10. Anyone watching Big Brother this year? I was feeling a bit stressed because my favorite player is on the block this week but *spoiler alert* there's a thing that might save her and I'm really, really excited about it because it's too soon for her to go.

AND I guess that will have to do for this week. I hope you have a great week. It's a weird work week because some people are off all week and some are just off on Wednesday but... whatever you're doing, I hope it's a good week for you and that you're safe and cool and finding lots of Reasons to Love every day that comes your way! Love and hugs!


monica said...

I think SamBot will be safe.
I'm done with the heat & thunderstorms. It always seems like the summer is over after July 4th. But sometimes the heat is just getting started. :0~
Enjoy your week!

Rose Sperlonga said...

Oh I know what you mean with the undies, socks, clothes and so on for the grand kids. I buy for mine and NEVER see them again. Never. Which I don't care... ok, maybe secretly I care....... but I just keep buying! LOL

Have a good week date!