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My People
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Sunday, October 19, 2008

blogging before coffe

I don't feel so good this morning. My back hurts... straight thru to my front... My initial thought was "sleeping on an air mattress has caught up with me"... but then I realized the pain was radiating from the middle of my back on the left side (at the base of my shoulder blade) around to the front... which seems like a muscle pull? Maybe? I'm trying to remember what my doctor in Jacksonville said about pain that worsens when you breathe or move... I think that has to be muscle because if it was a diseased/damaged/sick organ, *i think* she said that moving doesn't impact the pain. I don't know. I haven't gotten up yet... haven't even had coffee yet... maybe that will help. I sorta want to go back to sleep... but we need to leave for church in just over an hour... so I'll pull it together and pop a few advil and we'll get through it.

I have SOOOO much to do today. I had sorta planned for yesterday morning to be my chore time as I knew we would be at the party all afternoon. But then... mama and daddy and Cody and Marquee showed up at my house at 10 or so... not that I wasn't glad to see them... it just shifted my priorities a bit. Now I need to catch up laundry, go grocery shopping, clean bathrooms, vacuum, etc, etc, etc. We will be in church from 9 to 12 or so... then I'll try to get as many chores done as possible... and then Austin wants to go to Bible Drill at 5pm... and I have bible study at 6pm and then the youth group is going to a corn maze this evening and I'll need to pick Austin up from that at 9:45. My friend Amy from my uncle's office is supposed to be in town this weekend and we are supposed to visit... last night would have been better but since that didn't happen, I hope it will happen today. Some time in between all the other things I need to do just to get this household ready for the week. I haven't seen her in awhile and miss her. She's got some drama in her life right now too.

I have wasted entirely too much time lately on some websites... where you just click what you've done (I don't even know what the point of it is!) and and of course, looking at blogs, uploading pictures, etc, etc. I feel a little guilty for not being a good steward of my time but I also am conscious that I'm adjusting from working part time to working full time and other shifting priorities and responsibilities.

CNN just did a little segment on Jon and Kate Plus 8 focusing on "critics who say the Gosselins are exploiting their children". Seriously? This is all we have to focus on THIS close to a presidential election with the current financial crisis? Negative press on these sweet Christian parents who have a positive and uplifting show that doesn't rely on sex or violence or stupid slapstick to entertain? You know I am a huge fan of the show... so of course... I'm on the defensive... but geez... Jon and Kate just give a real life, honest perspective of the challenges of raising their unique family. I believe their motives are not exploitation... but giving their kids the best life possible. I mean... if someone wanted to come in and film me and Austin, I'd let 'em. It would be boooooring! But if there was a chance that we could make a difference in the lives of others, strengthen our family, have opportunities that we might not otherwise have... yeah, I'd do it.

But then again... I am the one who lives life out loud in my blog. It's not like I have a lot of secrets or anything. I'm not appearing on the cover of Good Housekeeping magazine like Jon and Kate are this month... and there interest is not even comparable to the interest in the Gosselins... but I have found soooo many positive things that have come from having a little bit of exposure.

Time to start getting ready for church... hope you have a beautiful day!


sober white women said...

I am drinking my first cup of coffee right now! LOL Amber likes Jon and Kate plus 8, I am just not a big tv watcher myself.

Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

I love Jon and Kate plus 8. I don't think they are exploiting their children although many do. They just want to ensure that they will be taken care of college wise, etc., especially if something would happen to Jon and Kate. Can't blame them.

I'd get that pain checked out if it continues. Don't want to alarm you but sometimes that's how women get pains for heart problems. If it gets worse, get yourself to an ER. Your kids need you.


Estela said...

Jon and Kate are very contraversal right now. The way she can be demeaning towards him, the way he can just leave it all to her to do. I am not a big fan, but to be honest I understand why they have their family on tv. As long as this show stays popular, they will be able to provide those 8 kids with more than they could otherwise. Is it exploitive? yes. Is it understandable? yes. Would I do the same thing under the same circumstances? yes. But part of what draws in new viewers is the contraversy. And that will keep them on the air for another year or so.
I hope your back feels better.

Emmi said...

I've only watched a couple episodes but I don't think their exploiting their kids. I think their doing what needs to be done to secure money for their childrens future.

Hope your back feels better soon. If it doesn't you should probably go see your doc.

Myra said...

I've watched the show a couple of comment. I love that even though you are not feeling that great, you are still planning to go to church! Just shows where your priorities are :)
Sleeping on an air mattress is surely to give you sore muscles. I agree with may feel like your back, but with what you've been through, you gotta check out your heart!

Robin said...

If the pain was on the right side I would have thought it might be your gall bladder. Hope it goes away soon!

Lainey Laine said...

Hey look for me on facebook!!! Elaine Sayers, Brighton and Hove network!!! Add me!!! Hope your pains are gone!! I felt the same this morning I did not want to get up! Hope you had a lovely Sunday. Laine xxxx

moshell's lilbit of space said...

Having my 3rd cup right now...had a migraine all day yesterday....slept in, getting some caffiene hoping it will stay at's lurking.

Have a blessed day Heather.

Big Mark 243 said...

Never watched 'Jon and Kate' ... sounds like a slight pull. Gonna annoy you for a bit. You can get into a 'hot as you can take it' shower to help loosen it up some? Light chest stretches may help you out too.

Uh, take care of yourself!

betty said...

wow, you got a lot going today; all good things; hope you had a great church service :)


mawmaw said...

We called before we came because that is what one of our daughter-in-laws taught us to do. I love your duplex, you have made it into a nice home for you and Auggie. We did not feel that we could come to visit when you were with Michael. We would be so angry after seeing the way Michael treated you and Austin. He made us so upset and mad, we just wanted to go back and punch him. Can you imagine Pop doing something like that?