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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Thursday, October 9, 2008

wasting time

In this picture I feel like I look like I'm up to something. The truth is... not so much! There is a peaceful contentment that has washed over me... a joyful acceptance of what is, and has been and is to come. It's a product of adversity, of yearning and hoping for something better for so long... of praying for God to take away the pain... and it's the result of prayers of dozens of people offered up on my behalf. I have so much to be thankful for!
I still haven't started my picture sorting project. I had to take Austin to school because he missed the bus (we were told it comes at 7:13, to be waiting by 7:10 and when he went out at 7:05 she was already heading up the road... this is fine... I just needed to know that! Tomorrow he will be waiting at 7am) I still need a shower. I feel only slightly guilty because I know that when my sabbatical ends next week that I will be a full time single working mother with all that entails... and that I will have no vacation time or sick leave for a good while. It's ok to be a little lazy for just a little while. Having said that... it is definitely my goal to have everything sorted out by tomorrow noon... when my brother is coming with living room furniture!
I was given the name of a charity that helps provide furniture to those in need. I can't remember who they are... so I will have to get in touch with the girl in my bible study who told me of them. In the meantime I'm keeping my eye on Craigslist and just being prayerful about it.
I love my new bookshelf widget! I have had so much fun finding books that I have read or want to read. You have to hit next to see all the books.
Ok... I'm feeling convicted of my laziness... gotta get busy. *hugs*


Myra said...

You look great!! You are taking care of yourself because you are worth it. Your words put into perspective all you've been through, where you are, and your sights on the future! I know you'll do fine!

Tina of Moon Shine said...

have a great day!!!

Traci said...

Also you need to check with They are a great resource.

Anonymous said...

You look amazing and your right there is just something peaceful about you!!! Iam so happy for you I to had to drive a child to school today lol Moms the things we do lol Take care Kat:)

Tallula Moon said...

Love the new blog look. Things have been falling into place the way you need to so small bumps in the road are worth it. You've come far in a short time and taking care of you is the best thing!


Colleen said...

Your such an inspiration no matter what your talking about. I was suprised when I read about "that night"...I almost did the same thing..I was in the doorway of my bedroom walking towards the kitchen...I received a text message and knew the ringtone..he saved me and I'm so glad I beat the odds as you did too. I'm here for ya girl..The blog is awesome looking!

moshell's lilbit of space said...

It sounds like you are doing well, enjoy your time off to yourself!! I am so proud of you Heather, I truly have come along way in the last few weeks....

You are still in my prayers

Happy Being Me said...

My thoughts and prayers will be that you find that comfort and contentment in your life soon. Take care and have some fun,