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My People
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Sunday, October 12, 2008

sleepy sunday

I made a pie! That's the first time in forever that I've done something so completely domestic. I am finding myself turning into quite the little homemaker. I even bought Family Circle magazine today instead of my usual People magazine.

I put the pie in the oven and ran to the Ingles to get the strawberry and whipped cream topping for it. This is the Ritz Cracker pie that I have been talking about for a week. The recipe was given to me by a former co-worker (Elaine) who was an amazing woman of God and who was such a huge part of my spiritual growth as a young mother. I haven't heard from her in years. She had some health problems... a brain tumor that was non-operable that was to affect her memory... if I remember correctly. *smile* Some of us are just forgetful.

It was Elaine who bought Ryan his first Cabbage Patch doll back in 1987 when we were just babies ourselves and Ryan was 13 months old and very sick in the hospital with pneumonia. I missed a bunch of work and money was really tight and I was not able to get out and shop much. It was during the Cabbage Patch craze and there were none to be found... but Elaine found one for Ryan.

The pie recipe is in her handwriting, xeroxed from a copy she was giving someone else. It now hangs on my fridge... and makes me look like I actually bake. I forgot to put in the baking powder and pecans... so Austin and i are calling this the practice pie. Next time I'll get it right. And since it's mostly just ritz crackers and egg whites (like a meringue of sorts) it's cheap to make.

Tomorrow and Tuesday are my last two days of "freedom" before I go back to work. I'm a little nervous about working full time again... but not as nervous as I am about being broke! There is still so much that I need to do around here... and I have to be in the office tomorrow morning to get my corporate email transferred in order to be ready to start work on Wednesday. I also have to get my tag updated. I've been driving around on an expired tag and it's just a matter of time before I get busted. I've been lucky... but it makes me nervous. Cody is coming up with a truckload of stuff tomorrow (the table and mattress) and Josh is coming with our tv. It wouldn't all fit in any one vehicle and Josh only lives about 30 minutes from here (and was staying at my mom's last night). The Dish network people are coming tomorrow and we should have tv reception finally! I've been three weeks without watching much tv and it's driving me crazy. Lots going on tomorrow.

This morning I couldn't remember if I took my welbutrin and my bp meds and I decided to err on the side of "already took 'em" but I'm feeling a bit blue and dizzy so I'm thinking maybe I didn't. I can't take them this late in the day or I wouldn't sleep at all so I'm just trying to chill and relax today. I've been looking for new blogs to follow to keep myself distracted. I don't want to focus on the stuff that makes me sad.

One really good thing... I was going to have to pay $70 for a phone for our landline and for some reason the people who installed the phone line forgot to bring our phone. I was going to have to go tomorrow to pick one up but as luck (God) would have it, mama and daddy had one they could share with me. I now have a landline! This is great news, especially if we are unable to get cellphones right away! People can still call me! I can't text from a landline but it's still nice to have that means of communication.

Ok... time to check on that pie!


Lainey Laine said...

oooooh I hope enjoyed that pie!! Making me hungry!! Laine xxxx

Anonymous said...

Never heard of that pie but it sounds Yummy!!! Iam praying that you love your job and make friends for life its always nice to work with people you love lol anyway sounds like things are going good just remember Heather you will have blue days and thats ok dont be to hard on yourself its ok to stay in your pj's and watch TV!!! Many Blessings Kat:)

Traci said...

I was just thinking, you may want to take your address off of your blog now that you have posted it. Those who need it probably have gotten it and it makes me nervous for you to leave it up.
Enjoy the practice pie!

Myra said...

What a nice, cozy day! Sometimes you just need a day(s) like that. Kudos to you for landing a job so quickly. Getting back to work is probably what you need to keep you busy. Makes you appreciate your weekends more!

Sweetnessk71 said...

Hey there!! Long time no see. I know you may not remember me as I was a bit quiet on aol but I did read your journal for a year or so. When you left I was sad to see you go but even happier to see you are here on the blogs :). I am trying it myself on here and it is going good. So glad to see you are doing well and getting things together :). Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. Take care and hope to hear more from you.


Emmi said...

ooooh, I love pies. Any chance you would share the recipe with all of us?