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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Helen City Limits

I'm not really sure where Sautee Nacoochee ends and Helen begins... but there are a bunch of old buildings like this just as you get into Helen... there's a candle shop and a winery and an antique store and a granary and mill... it's your standard cute little town... I haven't gone in many of the shops on the outskirts of town but we will. Austin is also itching to try out the new putt putt place.

As you hit the city limits you can see the steeple of Helen First Baptist Church... I was stopped in traffic when I took this. I allowed myself extra time to get Austin and had to wait about 20 minutes... I had a magazine with me and I read that while I was waiting. Austin did really well on his overnight trip and came home all chatty and excited.

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Emmi said...

Love the pics in the entry & the new ones on the side bar. Your kids are growing fast.

betty said...

so glad Austin had a great time :)

enjoy your evening :)


Kelly Dawn said...

beautiful beautiful! reminds me of southeast missouri and it!


Dawn said...

The pics are great and the ride sure is pretty. Glad Austin had a good time! Country life is good!

be well...

SolitaryDancer said...

I love Helen. It's just beautiful, this time of year