My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

expecting a Wonderful Wednesday

I wrote "bank" on my hand to remind me to stop by the bank and pick up the ONE dollar change we have coming back from yesterday's deposit. Usually Ginger goes by the bank but she's been out this week. Ginger's having neck problems. T is having stomach trouble but she's been hanging in there (as Purple Michael would say, "like a hair in a biscuit!"). My lungs are junky but I feel ok. I'm not dragging today. Well, not as bad.

It's Wednesday so it's my early release day. I was going to skip church tonight because my ladies group isn't meeting as Alisa is in West Virginia (of all places!) (she's actually FROM WV) (I don't hold it against WV that they allowed Pure Evil himself to be born there... no longer going to mention him by name). Anyways... our bible study isn't meeting but it's Jim's last night leading the youth worship service as he begins a new position at the church this summer as minister to young adults and I forget what else. We've got a half dozen pastors and I'm not sure what all of 'ems titles are but they seem to know what to do and it all works really well so I don't concern myself with it too much. So many of the kids that Jim and Angie "raised" are actually young adults now... it's a good fit for him to minister to them. And I think there's something else involving counseling which is his big thing anyways.

How cute is Cody and Marquee's wedding invite? I wish I could invite all of y'all... but as the M-O-G I'm not really paying for anything so I can't really invite anyone. We invited a few people who Cody knew well and honestly, most couldn't make it because of the day/time (Friday afternoon before Memorial day - last day of school for many). But I know that they will be surrounded by prayers from lots of people who love Cody only from reading about him here or from loving me... and i know that God is going to bless them and give them a beautiful life together.

Time for me to glam and dash - got to stop and pay the water bill and then go by the bank so I'll have a busy commute. Love and hugs.... wishing y'all a Wonderful Wednesday!