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My People
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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

wacky wednesday

I think this week we’ll have Wacky Wednesday instead of Whiny Wednesday. I hope that’s ok with y’all. I know how y’all love my whining.
We got a new door chime for our office. It was very exciting. We thought we got an awesome deal and then D found it on for less than half the price we were charged.
I took photos of three different houses this morning for work… made me feel like a real photographer. I could SOOOO do that for a living!
I got my hair cut today – back to the length it was last October. I’m a little uneasy about how I’ll make it through a high humidity summer with my curly (frizzy) hair so short but today it’s cutie-patootie.
I bought a new straightening iron yesterday and I don’t like it. It came in that clear plastic packaging that you have to annihilate to extract the product out. My hair dresser said “take it back anyways!”
Love my hair dresser.
I mentioned that Candice was thinking about getting her hair done for the wedding… she said, “tell her to wear a hat. It’s the south.”
There you go. Professional opinion.
I am looking for a hat for myself.
I keep touching my hair. I love the way it feels when it’s first cut.
The latest reports on Elvis’ death indicate that he may have died from constipation.
There was a girl in the hospital with me who had a horrible case of constipation… she looked 7 months pregnant. I loaned her my clothes because hers were too tight. I wasn’t exactly styling while I was in there and I didn’t exactly care. Plus, if your husband is so callous as to cause you to end up in a psych ward, he’s probably not going to put much effort into packing your luggage. I’m just saying. Sent me in there with no conditioner. In Jacksonville. In September. With my curly hair.
Kendra Wilkinson has a sex tape out. Imagine that. I love Kendra… I think her show is hilarious. She’s so unpretentious. Her and Hank are cute together. I’m not surprised she has a sex tape, though. I mean… her claim to fame is having been one of Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends.
Isn’t he just a sad little old man? I think he stopped being suave about 30 years ago.
I don’t think having a whole gaggle of girls makes a man look sexy anyways. It makes him look pathetic. Show me a man who knows how to make a commitment and keep it… THAT’s attractive!
Austin went to church with his friends last night. They talked about Jonah and the whale. Austin was surprised to learn that the bible never calls it a whale.
Tonight his friends are coming to church with him. I still think they’re a bunch of delinquents but if they attend church 2-3 times a week, they can’t be complete heathens, right?
The alarm woke me up again today. Second time this week. Usually I’m awake an hour before.
Lunch time is over. Peace out.


Anonymous said...

Ewww . . . hope Kendra's tape doesn't involve Hugh . . .