My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Monday, May 17, 2010

random monday

Excited to be facing a new week... I'm only working 8 days between now and the end of the month! Woohoo! I'll have five days off in a row without being sick! That hasn't happened the whole time I've lived here.

Leaving work early because Sarabeth and Jamie have a dance rehearsal at the high school instead of at their dance studio. Normally I drop them off and an hour later either Jim or Angie pick them up. I'm not comfortable leaving them in a less controlled environment without there being a grown up there. I'll lose an hour work... but I'd lose an hour either way because I'd be panicked that they wouldn't be ok.

I didn't watch Miss USA last night. I tried. It's just too slutty now. I can't stand seeing that sort of representation of what is supposed to be the best of our country's young women. No way! Even though Paula Deen was one of the judges... I just couldn't watch.

I was disappointed with the outcome of Survivor. Sandra did NOTHING to win... just existed. She just managed to avoid controversy. Nobody likes Russell but yet he manages to make it to the end.

Now they're blaming Bush for the oil spill. Idiots.

I'm so sick of this current administration.

Not much time to blog this morning... I won't go into it... I just get ill seeing Obama's smug little comments. Grow up. You're the President of the United States. Buy some dignity.

This is Austin's last week of school. He's got horrible blisters on the backs of his feet from these new shoes I bought him. He's miserable.

Must dash and glam... staff meeting this morning.

Happy Monday y'all.