My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Friday, May 21, 2010

fabulous friday

So glad it's Friday. I feel awful. My eyes are burning and running and I have a sinus headache that will not. go. away. I've had a sore throat since yesterday and I feel like I got hit by a bus.

Austin's wedding outfit is settled... now I just have to make sure I'm set and have all the necessary accessories. I still really want a hat. That will be my treasure hunt tomorrow... making sure I have the shoes and hat, etc, to be a stylish M.O.G. (mother of the groom).

One week, people! Cody gets married in ONE WEEK!

Tonight Austin is spending the night with a friend... tomorrow night is cousin Devy's 18th birthday party... Sunday the girls have their dance recital... Ryan arrives in Atlanta tomorrow... lots of stuff going on this weekend.

We have a huge problem with flies... same thing happened last summer. I think it's because we're close to the woods. I don't know. Anyways... someone told me that if you put out strong vinegar, they go away. I did... and Austin said, "mom... you know you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar..." So he put out a bowl of honey. The vinegar is winning... with a score of two to zero.

My kitties are soooo potty trained! We use the disposable litter boxes... Austin took the old one out last night but forgot to bring in a new one... I discovered it this morning around 5am (when two kitties were licking my toes and sitting on my chest and apparently trying to tell me something... "what's that Bitty? Austin's in a well?" anways...) But the good news is that there was not a single puddle or pile anywhere!

As soon as I started feeling icky yesterday I went into produce overload... big spinach salad for lunch... taboule (it's a wheat salad with tomatoes and avocado) for dinner... I have watermelon for breakfast and a banana.... I've learned that citrus stuff makes me not feel good in other ways so I'm just trying to eat a rainbow of fresh stuff to stave off any ickies. I can't get sick. Not this week.

Yesterday Angie had to have Princess, the fabulous feral feline put down. It was sad... but the compassionate thing to do. They gave her a little funeral and it was all sad and stuff and then my little Jamie-gurl pops out with, "CAN WE GET HER IN THE GROUND ALREADY???". It's a shame how much those girlies were grieving.

By the way... I've gone five months without a doctor visit! That's the longest since 2007. The only medication I've taken this year has been prescription strength naproxen. I intend to continue to avoid doctors, drugs and doctor bills as LONG AS I CAN!

Time to get ready for work now... hope you all have a fabulous Friday! Love and hugs!

PS... a few more things I thought about while getting ready...

I'm studying the book of Ezra. It's random, maybe, but I like the thought that these are people who needed a second chance at serving God.

I've been meditating a lot on how you take your life's experiences and allow them to be attained wisdom instead of just plain old baggage.

I love the transitional stage that summer break brings.

I don't understand why the kitten loves to play with razors. I try to remember to keep them closed so he can't cut himself.

He also loves goldfish. The pepperidge farm variety. He plays with them for hours... and then when he's completely brought them into submission, he eats them. It's hilarious.

It's pouring rain. Guess I better start my commute. Bye again!