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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

wow! it's wednesday!

I've been trying to blog more consistently... seems like the more I blog, the less y'all comment... IS ANYBODY OUT THERE????

So... it's Wednesday. The week is going by quickly. I'm not leaving work early today... Angie and the girls are picking up Austin and I'll just meet them at church. I won't make it in time for dinner but I'll be there in time for the AWANA commencement. And Austin will be there for the youth group program. He helps with the audio/visual stuff. The guy who is speaking tonight, Jase, is one of Austin's favorites (besides Jim, of course).

Just remembered that I need to change the litter box. Ugh. I've got some stinky boys.

Austin's poison ivy is under control. His face is still puffy but he's ok.

The guy who swallowed the bug on accident on the Today show yesterday is reporting now... have to stop and watch...

Lots of people in my life are having good things happen... Melissa got a degree... Ross got a degree... my friend Christy's son Josh is graduating... Austin's best-cuz, Devy is turning 18... Stasha's got a BOY-friend... happy times~! Makes me happy!

I've got other friends who are going thru really ugly, tough times and I'm working to be faithful to pray.

Me... I feel like I'm in a peaceful season.... like there's a break in the times of crisis for now. I sat down yesterday in my nest and felt so relaxed. I'm grateful. Usually, though, if I'm not stressed, it's because I've forgotten something...

There was a line on Parenthood last night where Sarah, the single sister who always has drama in her life, with her kids and her car and so on... she said to her older brother, "I'm tired of always being the problem..." I completely identify with that. I don't want to be the one that people have to feel sorry for or worry about. I want to be the one that people can come to when they have problems.

I guess I'm a work in progress, right?

The weather here has been absolutely beautiful this week... around 80 degrees, bright sunshine, blue skies, puffy white clouds and the smell of honeysuckle is soooo sweet! I'm glad to be here, in this little corner of the world.

I'm loving my new haircut. I can style once and it's good for two days. Easy!

Bitty Kitty has been so entertaining lately. He's not as tiny (obviously) as he was when we got him but he's still such a love! His latest thing is playing Hide and Seek. He loves to get under a pillow or "hide" somewhere where he thinks I can't see him and have me say, "where did my bitty boy go?" and pretend to look for him... then he pops out from wherever he's hiding. Yesterday he climbed underneath the crochet bed spread that has a wide weave and was peeking out at me. When I said, "where's the bitty boy?" he poked his little paw through the blanket. He's just precious!

OK... must put on the war paint and head to the office! Hope you all have a beautiful day!


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LYN said...


Heather said...

I know, Lyn and now we can't BUY a comment! Where did we go wrong?

Anonymous said...

haha thanks for the your whole blog community that I have a boyfriend! lol! it's ok I really don't mind! and Devy is 18!!! that is crazy I remember when I would babysit him and Syd when Devy was like 13! dang i feel old! lol! well anyway see you sunday! Love you! :)