My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Saturday, May 15, 2010

my girls

I think this photo just may end up being my all time favorite of my nieces... could there be anything sweeter than two sisters walking hand in hand down a dirt road, picking wildflowers? It brings tears to my eyes...
We had an action packed day but ... really... it was just a day to make memories. From dressing them in their fancy dance costumes... to our trip down to the Mall of Georgia practicing our Italian with the CD that Candice and Bryan sent me... to the long, hard choice for Sarabeth to pick out *just ONE* surprise out of all the amazing things at Claire's... to their spin on the carousel... Sarabeth's first Starbucks - teaching her to order and how to listen for her name to be called at the pick up counter... tossing coins into the fountain... playing on the playground at the Chickfila... walking the long "bumpity bump" road to their mailbox... playing the Just Dance game on the Wii... so many things to remember, so many precious memories, so many ways that I got to enjoy the incredible young ladies they are growing to be.
I walked a lot today and my feet are KILLING me... but it feels good to be moving. Austin was an absolute champ today. He got up early to go with me... helped keep the girls entertained while we were driving... stayed in the playground with them... held hands crossing streets... gave piggy back rides... and was so incredibly patient with everywhere we went and everything we did. It was a disappointing day for him in that we went to have him fitted for his tux for Cody's wedding and realized that there is no way we can afford to rent a tux for him. He's not in the wedding, he just wanted to dress like his brothers but... the total cost was going to be $161 and I just can't justify that expense. Not for one day. I can buy him one nice outfit for the wedding that he can wear to church and other special events for... however long he stays this size. I just couldn't rationalize that kind of money. Part of the problem is that they wanted to charge us a "rush fee" because we're less than two weeks from the wedding (by one day - if I had gone yesterday, no fee). But I didn't know. He didn't get upset. He was disappointed but he understands. If he was in the wedding, yes, I'd figure out a way... but just for a photo op? No. Too many other things we need to spend that money on.
Other than that little disappointment... it was a good day, a good time and gave us some awesome photos. I took over a hundred pictures of the girls today! I posted them to my facebook page, I think you can access it even if you don't have a facebook. If not, let me know and I'll email you the link to the photo album. Lots more pictures to come this month... lots more great memory making events ahead!
Hope you're having a great weekend too!


Melissa said...

sweet picture! That could totally go on a calendar or greeting card!

JennBand08 said...

That is just an absolutely adorable photo! Sorry to hear about the $$ tux. Glad Austin is understanding.. that is alot for one day though when he could have an outfit that he'll at least get a few more uses out of.