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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

wonderful wednesday

I'm so glad Bitty Kitty lets me hug him. He curls up on my chest and purrs like crazy... especially when I wrap my arms around him. It's a sweet way to start the day... getting some kitty cat love. I really believe that my kitten has been the best medicine for me... lowers my blood pressure, keeps me calmer... except at 5am this morning when he was nibbling my toes. I think he just wanted me to wake up...

I'm so sleepy this morning... but it's my Friday so I'll make it. No early release for me today... working the whole day. Or trying to work. My mind is so far away...

As I was in between sleeping and waking this morning courtesy of the toe munching kitten, I envisioned Cody and Marquee at the altar with Jim saying, "I now pronounce you..." wow... it's only two days away!

Today is Angie's birthday... her party is Saturday. I'm looking forward to her party... and praying it doesn't rain.

My coffee is uh-mazing today! Love it! I baked some low fat cranberry orange muffins last night and just had them for breakfast. Mmm!

Our fly situation is still out of control... they are everywhere. I spray constantly. I need to get some of those sticky traps. I hate flies. I've tolerated - even been philosophical - about all the other challenges of living in the mountains. I don't mind the fertilizer smell. I don't mind the loss of Starbucks and Chickfila and no access to a big city newspaper. But the flies must go!

Of course, my friend Alisa lives about ten miles further north, closer to the National Forest and her pest problem is coyotes and bears. Fortunately, she's a good shot. I considered moving to a rental place on Alisa's property and would have loved being closer to her but... yikes at the thought of having to own a weapon to protect myself... and not for the same reasons I would have needed one in Clayton County.

Right now my plan is to drive down to mom and dad's tomorrow to help set up for the wedding, retrieve Austin's wedding outfit and in general be of assistance where needed. I'm trying to decide if I want to stay on the southside of town overnight or drive back home and then head back down on Friday. I worry about the glam routine in a place that is not routine... and although it's roughly an hour and a half drive... I like the idea of having that time to decompress, pray, meditate, marinate, etc. I don't sleep well when I'm not in my own bed and I need to be fresh for the big day.

I'm also trying to figure out what I need to do about a bag. I don't want to tote a big purse but I don't have any little purses. I just need a lipstick, my keys and some cough drops/gum or mints. Oh. And tissues.

Have I mentioned lately how grateful I am to be here... for us to have this time to celebrate as a family? I'm just so durn blessed.

Time to glam and dash. Love and hugs, y'all! Have a wonderful Wednesday!


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I wish all the best for a wonderfully, beautifully, spirit-filled wedding!!!!

Prayers and love to you friend.