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My People
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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

these are a few of my favorite things...

For some reason my energy level keeps dropping off dramatically at random times. Sunday it was early in the morning. Last night it hit me at around 7pm. I was completely wiped out… yet… it was nearly midnight before I fell asleep. Today it hit me during lunch. I am drained… fighting to keep my eyes open… so tired that breathing is an effort. I’m sure I’ll rally… hopefully… my day is only half over.

I think the heat had something to do with it while I was out at lunch. I had a car picnic while working on my Italian CDs… and the sun was super bright. The temperature is bearable… but the humidity is high.

I’m loving my Italian language CDs – I’ve never learned a foreign language before and it seems like a good way to keep the old 42 year old gray matter functioning at top performance. Italian is a beautiful language. I’ve noticed, however, that I seem to do a better job of speaking it while using my hands. Apparently, you can’t speak Italian without wildly gesticulating. Many musical terms are Italian so there are a lot of words I already know. Bits and pieces. I’m using the Michel Thomas course, if anyone is interested. He was a student of psychology and part of his philosophy is that we are able to get our brains to do things above and beyond what we think they can do. I’m a smart girl, of that I have no doubt, but I’ve never really tested myself in this way. Learning is fun. For reals.

One of my customers joked with me last week that since I’m 42, I’ve hit drinking age twice so I’m doubly entitled to imbibe. Oddly, I still don’t care for it much. Alcohol makes me sleepy and dizzy and … well, I can achieve that on my own for free just by living. I’m naturally drunk.

I bought a new type of grain cereal for breakfast… it’s the 10 grain hot cereal and it’s yummy! It cooks in the microwave in 4 minutes… very filling… has protein. I need to toss in some fresh fruit to make it more balanced. It’s also relatively affordable. The bag was $2.98 but you only use ¼ cup per serving so it will go a long way. Love my grains and dried beans! I need to try more of the grains that Bob’s Red Mill has. Since it’s nigh on impossible to find that sort of stuff locally, it’s nice to know you can purchase online.

Lunch was my FAVORITE kashi meal – the mayan harvest bake - . Best frozen meal ever! Kashi is more expensive than Lean Cuisine but cheaper than an extra value meal at McDonalds.

Since this post has turned into an Oprah’s Favorite Things episode, I’ll also add that I love Vitamin Water Zero by Glaceau.

I'm sneezing like crazy. Ugh. I usually have these quiet, delicate, feminine sneezes... but this afternoon they've been loud and they HURT. I think I broke the seal.

My lunch time is over. Back to the salt mine. Or… my nice, cushy, well-lit, office with a great view where I do non-menial tasks.


Lainey Laine said...

Sorry I havent dropped by for a while! Ive just caught up with your entries now! Ive been the same with sleep! Im really tired at various points during the day then when it comes to going to bed, ting! Im wide awake! Im wide awake tonight though coz I had surgery this morning and the anaesthetic has mucked my biological clock right up! Laine xxxx