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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Sunday, August 4, 2013


For about the first hour of today I forgot it was Sunday. I was certain it was Monday. I had to look at the calendar on my computer to be sure.

Honestly, if not for my little pill divider and the tv schedule, I would never know what day it is.

Last night when I got ready to go to bed Little Kitty was laying with his head on the pillow like a human - on the opposite side of the bed from where I usually sleep. I went to the bathroom and when I came back Kitty was on MY side of the bed and faking sleep. He's scary sometimes, that one. Scary rotten. No matter where he is in the house whenever I migrate down to the Whine Cellar he manages to scurry down the steps before me. Like he prides himself in beating me. He also gave a little whimper cry today because he couldn't figure out how to get up on the built in bookshelves beside the fireplace where he has NO BUSINESS. He's just got to have his little nose in everything. Just a little while ago when the boys came downstairs he hid behind the screen in my living/dining room. He was totally James Bond about it... peeking around the edge. I know I'm part crazy cat lady but he really does amuse me.

The hip pain is still miserable today but I did manage a medium size grocery run. You know, you have the "we're just out of creamer and ice cream" run. You have the "stock up for a month, go up and down every aisle" run. And then you have what I did today - about $70 worth of stuff. Even though I got home mid-morning sleepy Austin was kind enough to wake up and bring in the groceries for me.

On my way to the store I *might have* backed into the herbie curbie trash can and tipped it to the ground. There was no damage to either Herbie or the "corsica". My parents have a Hyundai Sonata up here at the mountain house (my car is still in Riverdale and I miss it soooo much!). About ten-fifteen years ago they had a Corsica and for some reason they always call the Sonata the Corsica.

Speaking of trash... our trash people didn't come last week and the lady who runs the place hasn't responded to my, "um... did you forget us?" email. They're sort of a small local business and it's just easier to email. Of course, the truth is that any communication that can be done by email instead of phone is always preferable to me.

I'm doing this chicken casserole in the crockpot today. It should be enough for 3 meals for me and Austin. Two meals if we have company tonight. About 50% of the time Austin has someone spending the night. I'm ok with it. I don't even mind meals not stretching as far. It's good for Austin to have some sort of social life, as long as they are good "neighbors". Last night they were. The house was put back in order all the way down to trash being taken out and dishes loaded in the dishwasher. That's all I ask. Don't mess up my sleep schedule and don't create work for me.

The chicken dish is just frozen (sorta thawed) chicken breasts with stove top stuffing, cream of chicken soup and sour cream. 8 chicken breasts. 2 boxes of stovetop stuffing. One big can of soup. Two big spoons of sour cream. Cooked in the crockpot until... well, until done. (Obviously I'm not one of those *exact* cookbook following cooks). I think we could have added poppyseeds too to make it like poppyseed chicken.

Alfie Boe was on PBS today. I have such a crush. Highlight of my couch potato-ing today, for sure. I think the highlight of my evening will be youtubing Alfie like a fan girl. *swoon*. He's got this very charming innocent way about him and that flawless tenor voice. And let's face it... I love straight men that love musical theatre. I love gay men that love it too but they're a dime a dozen.

I've also been watching Double Divas all weekend. They're such over the top caricatures that I can't help myself. I think it's safe to say that I enjoy observing people in their natural environment.

The nephew of a friend of mine is missing - runaway - he's 14. I've posted his picture several times on facebook. The police aren't much help since he's a runaway but... I just know that no matter what wrong turns he may have taken in life, he's still one of God's children. Praying for his safe return home. What's been beautiful to see, though, is how much our facebook community has embraced my friend and passed along the information and offered encouragement. I know there's a whole lot wrong with society today and I know that the internet has changed how we interact with people but there's just so much love out there. I, for one, being unable to get around that well, am so glad to be connected with people in this way. It enriches our lives in ways we never expected. It's all in how you use it.

So... I've been typing on this blog entry all day. The chicken was yummy and fed not one but three young men and although I'd love to have leftovers... I love even more that my kid has people in his life to hang out with that will eat my cooking - and actually be grateful for it. I like being the koolaid mom and I have time to do it now.

I'm tucked away in the Whine Cellar doing my thing... you know... reading a thousand blogs and stalking everybody on Facebook and playing bubble safari like I'm paid to do it. Haven't gotten much accomplished on today. Just not in the mood for concentrating that hard.

Hope you've all had a great weekend. Love and hugs, y'all.


Back Porch Writer said...

The chicken dish sounds good. I've not accomplished much today either. I hope they find your nephew. I didn't see the post on FB. I hate the way FB chooses whose posts we see and don't. I need to click to have your posts notify me I guess. Hope he is found and issues solved - whatever makes one run away. Life is hard and when young, is so hard to deal with. Take care.

Back Porch Writer said...

Correction...I hope they find the nephew of YOUR FRIEND. I read it wrong.