My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Cosy Pics and My Week So Far...

This kid... just melts my heart the way she looks at my fella! For an introverted little girl who has been scared of men her entire life, he sure has won her heart! 

I haven't been a great blogger this week but I have been a pretty good mom, Nana and girlfriend and sometimes, that's all I really have the energy to do. I'm back home for a few days and hopefully I'll be able to just chill and blog and... well, you know, mostly chill. Tuesday was crazy busy/exhausting and then yesterday Marvin and I spent most of the day just hanging out together. When he goes to work on Wednesday night I usually blog but last night... I just took a long bath and rested. Today we got up and headed back up here so we could spend some quality time with Cosy. So although I've missed y'all... I'm glad I've had time with my 3D people this week.

The thing is... my back is a whole new level of messed up lately. This happens to me from time to time... it's the degenerative part of this dysfunction in my spine... it will hurt worse for awhile... sometimes it's just a temporary "worse" and sometimes it's the new normal. Either way, it really zaps my energy for awhile. Everything takes more effort and I sleep a lot more and lay around a lot more and just really withdraw. Even with being in a "withdrawal" stage, I've done an awful lot this week and still have a few things I have to get done tomorrow. So if I'm not as bloggy, it's just me trying to catch my breath.

I did get some really cute Cosy pictures today and I thought I'd share them with you. I tend to share my photos either on Instagram or Facebook but I'm sharing these here first to reward my "blog only" people who stick around even when things are terribly boring here!

Marvin and I played with Cosy here at the house for awhile today and then took her to "the playground" which, for those of us who aren't keen on being in the hot July sun means the indoor play place at Chick-fil-a. Cosy has been there three times this week between me and her mom. Although she doesn't play great with Oliver, she marches right into that playground like she owns it and has a great time with whomever she finds there. She also had a great time today making faces at Marvin through the glass as we sat at the conveniently located tables right outside the playground. Also, look for that bossy pointer finger she has... you can tell when she's trying to get you to do what she wants because that finger comes out...

Hope your week is going well! I'll be back tomorrow with a recap of the really awesome boozy lunch that Marvin and I had yesterday at Lake Lanier.







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