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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Monday, July 9, 2018

Reasons To Love Monday

 HELLO Monday! Here you are back at me again... and here I am greeting you from bed at noon, just like Monday should be handled! I mean, what's not to love about Monday? But for those of you who punch a time clock and actually leave the house for reasons other than to go to the doctor or for a weekly date night (and day and night and day).. I'll help you find a few reasons not to hate Monday quite so much.

It's not cold out, right? No scraping the frost off the windshield or shoveling snow on your way in right now. Obviously, you have to worry about having a heat stroke on your way home from work but first thing in the morning it's not so bad out. Is it? I'm not taking Austin to work any more so I'm pretty much not outdoors first thing in the morning unless I'm picking up Cosy but... honestly, Austin pretty much does that too.

Another reason to love Monday is this guy. Birthday number three is about to snatch him up! My babies are almost pre-schoolers! They are both really knocking potty training out of the park, they can count, they know their colors, They both kinda sorta recognize their own names. Cosy knows that Oliver's name starts with the second letter of her name because I always write them like a crossword puzzle. Cody and I were talking about Oliver being bilingual and whether or not he realizes that Nana and Daddy don't speak Spanish. Cody has noticed that he uses the words that people use with him back to them so, for instance, he might tell his dad he has a booboo but he uses the Spanish word for it with his mom. Kids are just so amazing in how they develop language. I haven't been working at my language learning very much over the past week so...

I love Monday because it gives me a do-over every single week! I can work harder at the things I should work on. I'm doing much better on my Lumosity so now I can focus a bit more on learning Italian and Spanish.

I had written a lot of this post yesterday (I write some posts in advance, or at least start putting them together in advance) but I was just texting with my sister-in-law Helen this morning and she mentioned it... there are only about 8 more Mondays (or so) until another Gant Girl joins us! I can't wait to see if she's got red hair (some of my favorite Gant Girls do!) and I can't wait to find out what her name is!

I love Monday because I've been eating good... not just tasty but mostly healthy too. Well, more healthy than unhealthy. Austin did my food shop for me on Friday and I did a mini-food prep on Saturday. Pop picked up fried chicken for us on Sunday and picked up Powerade for me (which I had left off my list on Friday). I've got chicken and green beans defrosting in the refrigerator for dinner tonight (probably, if they've thawed enough). Then tomorrow I'll do a small food shop to prepare to head down to see my guy.

Another reason to love Monday is that the next day is Tuesday and Tuesday means date night! Cosy sucker punched Marvin right in the feels on Saturday by telling him that she misses him so we'll probably come up this way to spend some time with the munchkin on Thursday. Not sure what's on the agenda for Tuesday night and Wednesday (we talked about it yesterday but... I don't remember what we said because my memory is like swiss cheese).

My blood pressure is ... still too high so today I finally bit the bullet and reported in to my doctor that we probably need to do something new/different/better to get my blood pressure down. I gave the nurse the readings from the past two weeks and she said... no, those numbers aren't ok. Oddly... my blood pressure went down over those two nights that I was without ambien which means I should probably cut back on ambien but... the lack of sleep scares me to death. It's like... do I want a long, miserable life or a short happy one? I won't answer that. Obviously, I have a lot of things to stick around for...

Marvin has a fun dj gig booked for Friday night. I mean, that isn't so much a Reason for me To Love Monday, necessarily, but when he's happy, I'm happy and when he's excited about something, I'm excited. It's generally how it works. He's got a fun week ahead... just has to get through work on Monday, Tuesday and Friday... he hosts trivia on Wednesday night and Thursday night but that's more fun than work for him. I won't be with him Friday night but I'm still happy for him to get to do things he enjoys.

I think this week is the MLB All Star game... right? Never mind. That's next week. But there is World Cup Soccer this week... I'm cheering on England, of course! France plays Belgium on Tuesday and England plays Croatia on Wednesday then the final is on Sunday. I'm not the world's biggest soccer fan but I'm a fan of fans and I love all the happy buzz, especially from the Brits about the possibility of bringing the World Cup "home". God bless 'em!

Only 83 more days until October 1st when we will be through the worst of the hot weather, probably. Not wishing the Summer away but... definitely wishing for cooler weather. Since I'm living up in the Ivory Tower instead of in the Whine Cellar lately, the warmer temps make for a warmer nest. Pop bought me this amazing window unit for this room up here so I can always make it comfortable. I really only end up running the window unit about 6 hours a day. The rest of the time it's comfy. Actually, at the moment I'm under a blanket so... while I'm indoors the heat can't get me but MAN do I hate it when I go out! One thing I do love about the Summer, though, I love the way it feels right around sunset when the hottest part of the day is past and it feels warm but not miserable. Those Summer... niiiiiii-iiiiights!

We're getting our covered porch painted this week so... I'll try and remember to take before and after photos of that. That's a big deal around here... home improvement. We had the porch built two years ago and the wood had to age a bit before it could be painted but then mom got sick so it didn't happen last Summer. Austin doesn't know it yet but we'll have to help (and by "we" I mean "he") get the porch cleaned off and some of the foliage trimmed back from it over the next day or so. Probably that means I'll be cuddling up here with Cosy while her dad is slaving away cleaning off the porch.

ANYways... even though it's Monday, hopefully it's not a bad Monday for you, even if you're not still tucked up in bed like me. Hopefully you have lots of wonderful things to look forward to this week, too! Have a great week and I'll be back with another blog post soon. Maybe even tomorrow!