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My People
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Monday, July 16, 2018

Reasons To Do A Reasons To Love Monday Blog Post

Y'all. I'm trying. I literally have not left my house since Friday morning and other than a few trips downstairs, I've barely left my bed. I'm just in too much stinkin' pain. I'm grumpy and miserable and the last thing I want to do right now is write a "sunny side of the street" blog post on why I should love Monday this week. Quite frankly, I hate Monday just as much as I hated Sunday and Saturday... they've all been pretty rude to me, karma wise and I just have no love for any of the days. Or life, at the moment.

I do not, however, hate y'all so I'm going to push through and put up some kind of bloggety blog blog nonsense for your viewing pleasure. So instead of listing my Reasons To Love Monday, I'm posting my Reasons to Blog Anyways, even if I don't have any reason to love Monday.

1. It's probably a good idea of have some contact with the outside world. I've seen Pop and Austin... watched Cosy for Tasha... and talked to Marvin a bunch but otherwise, I've been mostly silent since Friday. I want to withdraw and introvert so hard... but I know it's not healthy.

2. I'm running out of new things to watch on Netflix / Amazon Prime. I just watched the Amazon Prime series Good Girls Revolt and I really loved it! Such a great show and I hope they will make more seasons because they left us with a cliffhanger. I may do a blog post tomorrow about what else I've been watching lately since I am a professional couch potato.

3. I will probably never again be an every single day of my life blogger but I do want to be consistent. If you hardly ever post, people stop bothering to look for a post. With me, once I allow myself to take something out of my routine, it never finds a way back in my routine. I haven't posted since Friday so it was time to dust off the laptop and get bloggy. I'm trying to blog most days of the week but it sometimes just doesn't happen.

4. I needed to stimulate my creativity. I don't have anything profound rattling around in my brain but maybe by sweeping out the cobwebs of my head in order to stir the creative juices, I'll have thoughts beyond, "why do I have to pee again?" and "are there any more new episodes of Lockdown?" It's good to think out loud and try to form actual sentences and paragraphs and so forth. Last night I reached a point of exhaustion/pain that I just laid the phone beside me on the bed and listened to Marvin talk. I could barely form rational responses.

5. I'm not going to end up getting a nap today even though I have tried desperately. Right now, when pain is such a mean, ugly beast, the only escape for me is sleep and darnit, I wanted some sleep today! The house was so peaceful and quiet all morning when I wasn't ready for a nap yet.. then I finally got sleepy around noon...  but then animals were annoying me and Pop was singing loudly and Austin was finally getting insurance quotes for his van and... all the interruptions when sleep is so terribly fragile for me. Now I'm just sleepy and grumpy for not having slept.

6. Also, today is Marvin's long, busy day at the radio station so he goes pretty dark on Mondays. By dark I mean there's not a lot of communicatin' betwixt us. It's feast on Sunday, when we talk pretty much constantly all day long... and then famine on Monday while he's busy doing all the things that require his undivided attention... or at least his best effort at undivided attention because he is always paying attention to a half dozen things at once. He gets off late and we talk for a little bit before he has dinner and then we talk again before bed but mostly... it's quiet.

7. Another Reason to Blog today is I need a distraction. I don't yet really know if this new version of pain level is my new normal or just an injury that needs to heal. If this is the new normal, I will eventually get used to it, I always do, but right now it's all I can think about. I can't find a comfortable position, all the usual potions and lotions are not helping and I'm at my wit's end. It just hurts so much and then I become acutely aware of how constantly I'm complaining about how much it hurts and I feel like I'm just a miserable person who should not interact with other people until I can conquer the whining. This is another reason I just want to sleep until I feel better... so nobody has to listen to the whining. And another reason that it's hard to blog... I'm a one trick pony right now.

So... that's the situation here in the Ivory Tower on Patton Lake. Just me and my many dwarf buddies - sleepy, grumpy, doc, whiny... or... whoever. I'm going to try to come up with something more interesting and entertaining to blog about tomorrow and then I'll be heading south for date night (and day and night and day)... although the official date schedule will soon be changing because my beau is going to be hosting a trivia show on Tuesdays. More about that soon! I hope you're all having a Marvelous Monday and if not... I hope you're finding reasons to keep pushing on to complete whatever tasks must be conquered today. Love and hugs, y'all!