My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Half Priced Chocolate Day

Now I'm frozen and snotty with a sore throat. I changed my dentist appointment to a doctor appointment yesterday to make sure my sore throat wasn't strep. The rapid strep was negative but it always is for me, even when I have strep throat - and I get it often. Because of my mom's compromised immune system (due to the removal of most of her pancreas) our doctor started me on antibiotics so that I don't expose her to anything. His parting instructions: "don't hug your mama!". I love living in a small town.

The pharmacy was crowded. Two of the small pharmacies in our town have closed in the past year or so, increasing the customers at our "big" Rite Aid where I've always gotten my meds. I dropped off the new prescriptions from my pain doctor appointment last Friday and opted not to wait for the antibiotic that my doctor was calling in for me. I figured I'd drag myself out today to pick them all up but Pop surprised me by picking them up when he went into town to pick Austin up from work. He claims that he's "not nice" so maybe he got the antibiotic to get the cooties under control quicker. Or maybe he is nice and just doesn't want anyone to know. We're on to you, Pop! At any rate... I'm two antibiotic doses in now and still feeling cruddy. I have more of a nasal stuffiness thing going on now so hopefully that means that the sore throat was really not strep and just part of an upper respiratory thing.

While I was at the pharmacy dropping off prescriptions I took the opportunity to celebrate my favorite holiday- Half Priced Chocolate Day. I scored a couple of boxes of Russell Stover, some individually wrapped turtles, some chocolate covered cherries and some Lindt truffles. I'm on sort of a Swedish fish/gummy lifesavers/gumdrop kick lately. I have way way too much sugar happening in the Whine Cellar but didn't Mary Poppins say a "spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down"? Plus, I'm still getting over the most recent Singles Awareness Day trauma. I had to avoid my Facebook feed all weekend because... ugh... enough with the flowers and lovey dovey stuff. February is just full of all sorts of things that don't apply to me: Super Bowl - didn't care, the Grammy's - don't listen to popular music, Valentine's Day - stupid cupid - and other things. Between the isolation that comes from being in cold weather that makes my arthritis a living hell and the stuff that happens this month that don't include me - February would really suck if not for Half Priced Chocolate.

I bought two Valentines cards this year - one for Ollie and one for Cosy - my truest of true loves. When I got home from the doctor yesterday Cosy was in the kitchen eating her lunch. She started giggling when she saw me and kept laughing out loud and being adorably animated. I didn't want to get her sick but it was SO FREAKING HARD not to hold her. Once she realized I wasn't going to pick her up she was so confused. She was signing "want" and doing her little question hands - you know, the shrug. Seriously the worst part of being sick.

So that's the whole story.  I hope you enjoyed my mini-whine/recap of Half Priced Chocolate Day. This is part of an attempt to blog more frequently with smaller blogs.Love and :waves from across the room: instead of hugs y'all!