My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Oliver - Almost 7 Months - And Other Things

 This boy.... could he be any sweeter? Oliver is almost 7 months old. He is crawling everywhere and getting into everything. 


He can pull up and walks with help.





He loves the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse - as does his cousin, Cosette.
His parents are using an empty swimming pool to contain him. Pretty good idea! Now they need to fill it with balls!



He is fearfully and wonderfully made. (Psalm 139)
Cody is good to send pictures and facetime so we can see Ollie in action. Cosy likes to look at my phone for "Bobo Ollie". We all love him so much! 

I had my hip injection on Friday. It was ... an experience. It hurt more than I expected it to but it wasn't as scary as my last set of injections in my spine five years ago. I could totally have had something to eat or drink before hand because the only thing they gave me was versed and then used lidocaine and numbing medicine at the site of the injection. I don't know why they have you avoid food and drink before that but... anyways... It was quite sore Friday and yesterday but is better today, just feels different. I've had a headache on and off since Friday which could be related to the steriods or just my usual random headaches. I guess the jury is still out on whether this was worth the trouble. Oddly, it was the other hip - my right hip - that was giving me the most pain Friday morning! And of course my shoulder... 

Speaking of the whole shoulder thing... I've started a new sewing project based on this... I wanted something to help me use up odds and ends of thread I've accumulated. I was going to go with a different border other than the black but then I realized that I might not have enough of any other color and I wanted this to be a project that used up the inventory, instead of adding to it. Thread is not expensive... it's like .36 cents at Walmart... I just want to use of the odd little skeins that I've accumulated. 

My student is on her way to observe me this afternoon. Austin and Tasha are off at the outlet mall spending their tax return. My parents neighbors from Riverdale are on the way up to switch out some things. They bought my parents old house for their daughters. They're bringing me a keurig machine that Cody had (they live across the street from Cody). Cody upgraded from one cup at a time to a whole pot at a time around the time Ollie was born. We are all anxiously awaiting the phone call from New York to let us know that Baby Boy Gant (Bryan and Helen's baby) is on his way. She is due on Friday! 
So that's what's happening here today. Hope your weekend is going well! Love and hugs!