My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Random Thursday Things

I've had a different kind of headache this week - an ice pick headache. It literally feels like there is a spike in my brain. I think it's sinus related because when the sudafed is working, the headache eases up. It's just been weird.

Cosy watching Mawmaw suck up the water... while chewing on a big spoon
We had a lot of rain this week and once again we had water in the basement yesterday. My mom and dad were both here (and healthy) and did a lot more of the sopping up than I did this time. I'm so grateful, even for the rain and the flood. It's a great reminder that I'm not alone in this world, that my family is willing to pitch in and help keep me above water, both figuratively and literally. Plans are underway for a renovation to divert the water... this may be our last cleanup. Maybe.

Part of the renovation includes adding one of those Acorn stair lifts from the Whine Cellar to the main floor. I'm grateful but it's humbling to admit that I need it. It's not cheap and I can still climb the stairs - not easily or often but I can - so I protested. A lot. My mom is the one who navigates the stairs most of the time so it will help her a lot too... but it's a big old reminder that my back is not going to get better.

Yesterday I made a big grocery trip and had a moment in the drink section where my left leg was just not working. It was weak and felt heavy and numb and my back hurt so bad that I was shaking. I kept dropping things. I was afraid I was going to have to send Tasha to get me one of those little scooters to finish my shopping trip. But I pushed on and made it through. Scared me, though.

Ollie in his playpen
(Cody sent this to me while I was shopping and I haven't
asked permission to share this one so I hope it's ok. )
He's just too durn cute!
We were at the store to pick Austin up from work and it was time to stock up on groceries. I had not left the house since Friday and I was out of "living" food - produce, protein sources, juice. Tasha also wanted to pick a few things up. Backstory/tangent: I can't see to drive at night and literally panic when I have to drive at night. On Wednesdays Pop is at church and Tasha's parents are at church so I'm the designated driver to pick up Austin from work. (Anybody want to teach Austin to drive? My back can't handle it.) It gets dark here about half an hour after Austin gets off work so as long as we leave the store right after he gets off, the light is bright enough for me to see to drive. Twice Tasha and Cosette have come with me and we've shopped while waiting for him to get off and both times we didn't time our shopping right and ended up leaving after he had gotten off work and it was ALMOST dark before we got home. I told her that she was banned from Austin pick up (jokingly, of course). Yesterday we got the timing right but we both ended buying so much stuff that it was a struggle to get it all in the car (with Pop's golf clubs in the trunk). I told her it was her third strike and she's banned from pick up until further notice.

Although... I really like shopping with Cosette. She is so freaking adorable and is used to getting attention from strangers so she smiles and waves and chatters. I was at the deli with her last night and the deli ladies were all admiring her. One of the ladies said, "she's Austin's little girl... you know, Austin in the meat department..." She's famous at Ingles, folks. I got into a long conversation with a customer at the deli and the deli workers. I broke out the phone to show pictures of Ollie, too. I'm that grandmother.

Blurry because of light and motion
Cosette in her new "big girl" nightgown
right before bed last night
I've posted some videos of Cosette on Facebook this week. I've got her with Sarabeth and Jamie and then one of her trying to walk in her new shoes. She looks like a mini-drunk-human with her shoes. It's like she thinks they're magic shoes, if she just stomps and points them in the right direction they'll take her there. It's like watching a colt. She still hasn't tried to crawl but she will scoot on her bum sitting up which is also funny to watch. Where Ollie is strong and solid she is floppy and frail. She looks like one of those inflatable flailing tube men.

I AM LOVING my new keurig machine that Cody gave me! I'm sticking to one cup a day while I do my Italian lesson. So far it hasn't affected my tachycardia so I'm happy.

I am also loving and ironically ADDICTED to Nurse Jackie. It's edgy with profanity and adult situations but it's a train wreck that you can't turn away from. I'm on Season 4.

I guess that's all for today. Be sure to like/love/hate this on Facebook. I love the new emojis! Hope you have a great day! Love and hugs, y'all!