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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I always have Whiny Wednesday early for some reason

Austin got stung in the eye by a bee yesterday. It wasn’t the actual eyeball, it was his bottom lid where it covered the eyeball. He’s a swollen, sad little mess today. Poor Auggie!

I was in the middle of – would you believe – a water damage mitigation class – at the time and had to abandon ship and head to the high school. They couldn’t give him so much as a Tylenol or Benadryl until I got there. It was raining pretty hard… thankful once again for the new tires! His school’s check out system is odd… they take a computerized picture of the person doing the pickup. My first thought… “if I’d have known, I’d have put on lipstick, at least!”.

I’m amazed and dazed by the flooding in Atlanta. Lots of places that are familiar to me, particularly from my time living in Woodstock with (and without) Michael… completely underwater. I’ve never seen anything like it! I’m glad to be up hill from all that… glad to not be trying to make that drive/float through Atlanta traffic. Just three short years ago I would have been sitting/floating in all that mess! I’m relieved to be here in the high country where the water has a long way to go.

We have this one mushroom that has grown in the woods near our house. It’s a foot tall! I keep meaning to take a picture of it but… just haven’t stopped. It’s surreal… like a scene from Alice in Wonderland. All this water and flooding is surreal. It’s soooo not what I’m used to in my town.

I seem to be turning into a bit of a heartbreaker, completely unintentionally. There was crunch-n-munch… who I liked well enough but his marriage was just not over, at least not the paperwork, not enough for me to be comfortable with the situation… and then there was a guy I refer to as “not him”… because although I really liked him, God was clear with me that he was not the one for me. I still think he’s yummy but… it’s not in the cards. Lately there’s been another really awesome guy who is strong in his faith and very kind to me… but he is discouraged by the fact that MY marriage isn’t over, at least not the paperwork. I consider it all to be a matter of God’s timing. If anything else is supposed to happen, it will happen, when it’s supposed to happen and in the meantime, I’m ok. I don’t feel well enough to entertain anyone else at this point, anyways.

It’s freezing in my office and my hair is still wet. I keep thinking about chopping it off… it’s so long and takes forever to dry….even when it’s curly it’s almost to my waist. But then I have a good hair day and decide I want to keep it. Austin definitely needs a haircut… his reaches a point where it grows out, thicker and thicker… he’s a mess.

I was so tired and out of it yesterday. It was like everything I did was in a dream like state. I took a good nap during lunch, in my car… I was so sound asleep that an accident happened fifty yards from me and I slept through the whole thing, including all the rescue vehicles coming. I got back to the office and was at work for about an hour before the Austin drama happened. As soon as I picked him up, we ran to the drugstore and bought Benadryl…. I tucked him in with ice and advil and I laid down… and I slept for three hours! I was awake for a few hours and then went right back to sleep. I don’t know what it’s going to take to get well and to get my strength back. I could still go right back to bed, even now, and can hardly put my thoughts in order. It’s hard to imagine having 8 hours to go before I leave the office today. I need a blankie and a pillow… and a space heater.

I still have the yucky congestion, head, chest, etc. I go to the pulmonologist tomorrow, finally. Last time he wanted to refer me to an ENT… that’s where I started out this year, with an ENT… and despite the diagnosis of the first cyst, in my sinuses, we didn’t get to the root of the problem with the granulomas in my lungs and spleen and stuff. I wish that there was ONE doctor who would take responsibility for everything instead of bouncing me around. I’m just so tired of feeling yucky.

Theresa had surgery on her arm yesterday. She’s going home at noon. I’m jealous. I want to go home and sleep!

I just had someone call in and want a quote on 15 cars. Honestly, they probably need a fleet policy. Who does that? Who owns that many cars? Hoarders. Know what I mean? At some point while I was on the phone Ginger got up and closed my door – apparently I was too loud. I think I’ll leave it closed. I like it quiet in here.

Still no word from Michael on why he hasn’t completed the paperwork. I need to call back to the Duval County clerk’s office to find out exactly what it is that’s missing… and then I need to call White County and find out what it would take (cost) to file here – I know there’s something about contacting the other party at their last known address and running it in the paper and so forth. Such a headache when the stupid Duval County divorce has already been paid for. Sign the papers, already!

Kevin is aggravated at his computer. He’s being noisy with it. I’m definitely keeping my door closed. He’s taking a class that I was supposed to take earlier but I took the class when he was supposed to take it before because he was busy.

And by the way, since this is a big old whiny post anyways, it still hurts when I take a deep breath. But you know what... at this time a year ago I was in the psych ward trying to prove that I wasn't crazy, I was just being drawn that way... all in all, I'm doing ok.

Hope you all have a great day… stay warm and safe and dry. Love and hugs!