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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Thursday, September 17, 2009

thankful thursday

I went to bed before 6pm last night and was asleep not long after. I woke up for a little while around 9pm… woke up again around 11:30 when the phone rang… but for the most part I was asleep for 12 hours. Sadly… I could sleep another 12, I think. It’s been rainy all week. Good sleeping weather.

My brother noticed my tires the other day and was more animated than usual in his encouragement that I get new tires. Now. As in, “I can’t believe you’re about to drive home on these tires”. And so I went to the place that was suggested… a place that understands that there is sometimes a gap between what you need and what you can afford… that didn’t make me feel guilty for not buying the best with all the service bells and whistles. I was in and out in under 30 minutes which was a HUGE bonus for me. Those folks have my business for life now.

Then I went to the bakery and the lady who is normally at the counter was sweeping up in the back. She saw me come in and said, “did you come in for your cookies?” they have these amazing shortbread sandwich cookies with the most incredible key lime crème filling… I’ve probably blogged about them before… I love them muchly. And as much as I love being a regular at the bakery and knowing that the employees remember me… and what I buy… it’s a bit unsettling to be remembered as the lady who buys cookies. That’s got “fat girl” written all over it.

Right on cue, the radio station we listen to is playing, “Fat Bottomed Girls”. Lovely.

This morning I got to take Sarabeth to school. I had to get up earlier and leave earlier than usual but it was totally worth it to see her sweet grin when I got there to pick her up! I helped Jamie get dressed… got to visit with their sweet babysitter (mom and dad are out of town)… had a nice chat with SB on the way to school… she wanted to make SURE I was going to pick her up from her class on Sunday. It’s so precious to me to have time with them!

Is it too early to start the weekend countdown? After not working the first week of the month and only working 3 days last week… this has felt like the longest week EVER! Ginger asked if she could put appointments on the calendar for me on Saturday and I said… “mmm.hmm. ok”. Because I need the hours. I really hope there’s nothing scheduled, though. I want a two day weekend!

Thankful Thursday list includes: early morning with sweet girls, rainy days, new tires, cookies, Fat bottomed girls, weekend countdown… 31 hours!


Anonymous said...

"Fat Bottomed Girls" makes me think of the new song "Rockin' the Beer Gut" that I absolutely refuse to allow my 13-year-old daughter to sing. But she does anyway.

stasha said...

i'm real jealous that you got to visit with jessie this morning and i haven't seen you in like three weeks! You have to be at church on sunday cuz i'm having serious aunt heather withdrawls!