My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Saturday, September 5, 2009

quick update...

I'm feeling MUCH better today!

Still have a cough but haven't had a fever since late last night and don't have the snotty head congestion any more.

My ribs ACHE, though, from coughing so much... I've got to get back into pilates to strengthen my "trunk" muscles! I can barely move... I think I've pulled every muscle between my neck and my hips!

I still have ZERO appetite which is highly unusual for me but I am so thankful for having the time to rest... I am so weak. I didn't even try to leave the house today. I was craving an apple juice slushy from Sonic... but didn't want to drive... I think Stasha is going to bring me one after church tomorrow! Yay!

I am NOT going to church tomorrow... partly because I want to rest and partly because I'm absolutely paranoid that I'll make someone else sick. I told Stasha she would have to mask up... fortunately, I have masks!

I've spent all day playing my SuperPoke Pets game online and watching college football. I'm watching a little bit of the Sound of Music now in between football games. I'm trying to catch Florida online but haven't been successful. I'll figure it out eventually.

At any rate... just wanted to thank you guys for praying and ask you to continue to pray that we are 100% healed and ready to go on Tuesday!


stasha said...

wow Aunt Heather you must be really sick cuz I think that's the shortest blog entry you have ever written! I could read the whole thing without even scrolling down once! lol! anyway yes I'll bring you an apple juice slushy tomorrow probably a little after 2 if that's ok! (gotta love happy hour! lol!) Does Auggie want anything? I'm sad that you wouldn't be at church tomorrow! but I know you need rest so I'm glad you're getting it! and as soon as you get better we have to eat lunch or dinner together! anyway I hope you get better soon! and I'm praying for you! Love you!